Tribal Fusion, ATS, tribaret ladies!!! :)

  1. Amulya
    Hello everybody! We should start talking here
  2. raks amira
    raks amira
    Hi Amulya I am in to old Tribal dance. I just started the tribal fusion, and my students and I are haveing a lot of fun.
  3. raks amira
    raks amira
    So, Everyone. What go you in to belly dance? And how long have you been dancing? I stared belly dancing at the age of 8. All my friends where Middle Eastern. So I was always over Margget's house dancing and having fun.
  4. PoleDanceABCs
    Howdy! I'm currently living in Germany but I consider myself a New England. I'm from all over and don't have any real roots. I love to dance and I always have. My "recent" addictions are pole dance and tribal fusion bellydance. I'm all self-taught watching on-line vids and instructional DVD's.
  5. raks amira
    raks amira
    cool, how many places have you been to? and have you been to any belly dance shows ?
  6. raks amira
    raks amira
    HI Jadekanghhiog your tribal skirks are very cool.
  7. Anthea Kawakib
    Anthea Kawakib
    So there ARE groups here! just surfing around -
    nice to see you here!
  8. Tara Rau
    Tara Rau
    hi everybody
    i am from germany and i started being interested in belly dance and watching videos for over five years now.
    last week i just started learning Tribal Fusion Bellydance.
    but i started collecting stuff for Tribal Fusion one year earlier
    i wish to be a professional dancer as soon as possible (i hope this sentence is correct^^. still making mistakes)
  9. Ayana
    Just can't figure out the difference between tribal fusion bellydance and fusion bellydance. Such a newbee :-)
    Although I know gothic is very different and was wondering if that is a subdivision of fusion bellydance? So I subscribed to this group to enlighten my poor brain...
  10. befree
    Avana: I've been heavily reading bd forums for a couple of weeks (staying up way past my bedtime) and it seems the more I read, the less I'm sure of! There's so much controversy and people seem so sensitive. I don't have definitions, but my impression is gothic is an attitude that dictates mood and dress, and I would characterize "gothic bellydance" as a subdivision of fusion. As far as a difference between tribal fusion bd and fusion bd: I believe the pre-cursor to any "fusion" bellydance was tribal style...but now various fusion styles have gotten so "out there" that maybe even ATS or ITS bellydancers might not feel connected to some fusion. All this is just my opinion, but, then again, there is not such a thing as one, final, perfect authority on bellydance.
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