Tribal Fusion, ATS, tribaret ladies!!! :)

  1. Ælfscine
    Hello Everyone....

    I hope none will mind me just jumping in here.

    I have been interested in belly dancing for a few years but only as a spectator. I thought that I could not do belly dancing because of hip problems that prevent me from standing. My hips can't support my full body weight without breaking. I have been under the knife five times to try to rectify the problem but to no avail. Right now, my only hope is to have a hip replacement in 6 to 7 years time when the doctors figure that I will have stopped growing.

    I have been told by others that, in the meantime, I could start learning a special type of fusion belly dancing that involved just the upper body. Well, right now I know nothing-for-nothing about fusion belly dancing. I'd not even heard of the term until I came here about two weeks ago. So, I am hoping to get some direction on where and how to start.

    Thanking you all in advance,

  2. endenisia
    Hiya Everyone, I start off by learning Oriental Bellydance and then quickly discovered Rachel Brice. Since then I have been really into tribal fusion!
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