I am 51 tatoo or no?

  1. raks amira
    raks amira
    They sat that 50 is the new 40. and sometimes I feel 30 LOL. So is it funny that I waht to get a tatoo now ?
  2. Cara
    Nope. If you want it, do it. Just be really really sure that you want it.
  3. Leilah
    I say do it! Remember it is permanent, and you'll be able to tell stories to your grandchildren. Especially if the piece is BD inspired. I am 42 and have two tattoos and want another. Since getting into BD, I am choosing very carefully this time as regards location and style. Some dancers have a lot of ink, and I end up staring at the tattoos instead of their dances...
  4. befree
    I'm 58 and want another one. Have never regretted my first (and so far only) that I got about 20 yrs. ago. What and where would you get one? On the underarm, where it would be seen only when I raise arms during dance, or on the back below the normal neckline, but above a dance leotard line, might work, too. I'd only get one that couldn't be seen during normal daily living, but only during dance.
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