So i figured

  1. ~Diana~
    I figured this would be a good place to be able to network with other dancers across Canada, to get notice out about workshops because me might not all have the same connections, and to keep updated.

    What do you guys think? I'm going to try to keep an eye out for new people who join so we can direct them to this page. Great way to welcome new people who might not know others across canada yet.
  2. GypsyStacey
    that's a great idea.

    if anyone is near edmonton alberta we are having a show in Wetaskiwin this Saturday June 5/10 if anyone needs more information just let me know.

    I'm very interested in learning about workshops in or around Edmonton.
  3. Melika
    If anyone is coming near Calgary in September - Suhaila Salampour will be giving a two-day workshop - I believe it's her only Canadian stop this year! Here's the link!
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