Belly/Bolly fusion

  1. indrayu
    Bollywood is so dynamic, it seems to fuse with just about anything! Has anyone seen any fusions (of any ratio, not just 50/50) that really work as memorable dances in their own right?

    I've seen on Youtube a Kathak/Flamenco duet that was great, but the two forms were kept separate.
  2. LunaXJJ
    I've been wanting to see one myself, but haven't yet. I know it's still growing in popularity here in the west, and probably would have grown more so if FiTV didn't drop all of it's fit programs. I'm going to see if I can find anything good on youtube.

    ETA: Found an amazing one in my opinion. Definitely sharing with the forum too.
  3. Munniko
    I mean the official claim is that this song is a fusion of Belly dance and Bollywood style Chikni Chameli -- Official Full Song Video from Agneepath - YouTube but I'm not to sure if it is, I would be interested to here a more professional opinion on it.
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