UK Instructor moving to Ireland :)

  1. Ishtar Saskja
    Ishtar Saskja
    Hi im moving quite soon from the UK where i have been teaching Belly dance on a professional level for the last four years, and have been dancing for over 10 years. Im looking to open classes in and around the city centre, i cant find ANY other teachers in Cork but would like to make sure im not 'stepping on anyones toes'. Would love to do hear from anyone whos interested in classes. I am also willing to do classes further afield as long as there is a call for them, currently in the UK i teach once a month in further away areas to 40+ students and we do classes from 11am - 4pm.

    I also had the pleasure of building an increadable dance troup with my dance partner, we strive for perfection and quality in our dance and dance at many mant events throughout the year, would love to hear from anyone interested in taking their belly dance from a hobby to a semi professional level
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