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    It's been a while, but I'm back!

    I'm not sure how many (if any) will remember me. I've been studying for my PhD and had to take time off anything except a bit of Facebook, but now I've done it, and I've got time back into my life! I have kept dancing (I'm one of Kashmir's students), and I'm glad I managed to keep going despite...
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    She keeps on dancing beautifully!

    YouTube - Aida Hassan 10.10.10.mp4 4o_Gc0Wck-s I love her stunning turns and musicality. A beautiful dancer!
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    Belly dance lessons for free!

    So fellow dancers, what do we think of this advert? Here's the link! Please excuse my skepticism, but seriously - free? Dance like Shakira?
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    Losing confidence...and technique

    I am going through a bad patch of 'my dancing sucks and I'm no good and why bother doing this any more'.... I need some tips on how to gain my confidence, how to improve and how NOT to feel overwhelmed by it all! I dream dancing, I watch dancing, I try to practice - but somehow what I feel in my...
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    Bellydance, burlesque and circo arts - in NZ?

    This afternoon I was listening to New Zealand's National Radio and lo! and behold! I heard the words 'bellydance'! My ears pricked up and I wound the volume up only to also hear the words 'burlesque' and 'circo arts' all in the same sentence... and held my breath. Go here for the recording...
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    DVD Review: Improvisation Toolkit by Nadira Jamal

    Some time ago I ordered this toolkit after watching several of Nadira's Taktaba podcasts, and after a bit of a wait I got not only the one I ordered (Movement Recall), but also Volume 2: Structure, and a fabulous extra 'Expression in Improv'. So it was well worth the wait!! Onto the review...
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    Favourite colours for costumes!

    I was musing about the TPBDC thread and that gorgeous blue glitterdot fabric - and wondered what colours we all have for costumes... I have turquoise, pale teal/green, rose pink & gold, black & gold dress, silver & white (in the making), and a copper saidi dress. Note: no RED, no PURPLE, no...
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    ...When he doesn't approve of the costume

    ---what do you do when you've made a lovely costume that has mesh panels down the side, but Manly Jack (man of my dreams) disapproves of me wearing it because I'd need to wear no knickers... Now it's a long dress, slim fitting so the skirt won't fling out and show anything that shouldn't be seen...
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    hem length

    Something I'm have a wee bit of trouble with is hem length. How long should a skirt be (dress or skirt)? My greatest fear is that I tread on the hem and pull the whole lot off myself, but too short and it looks like I'm either mean with the fabric or I like ankle dusters! At the moment I'm...
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    'Trends' in Middle Eastern music - spin-off from discussion on culture/dance

    Aziyade said this 'Of course modern Egyptians (for example) are AWARE of goings-on in America (for example). But has what happened HERE directly affected what happens THERE -- as far as dance and music? What great and distinguishing features of Western music and dance do we see in Egyptian or...
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    Problems being logged out

    Hi there Just today I've had quite a few problems with being logged out while on the forum. It's never happened before, but I wondered if this is a problem anyone else is having?
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    English translation of Assim Sharky Baladi

    From Bellydance Plus - Gizira Band I love both the English transation as well as the English transliteration of the Arabic thank you!
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    Fun, cute - and sassy troupe dancing

    I just watched this and thought 'What a great way to get a troupe dancing on stage while having fun!' I'm not usually a fan of group dancing, nor of miming in raqs, but this one is fun and I hope you enjoy it! YouTube - Baladi- Eilat festival 2010, choreography by Orit
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    Twitter-ific social experiment

    There is a bit of a social experiment going on in the bellydance fraternity on Twitter. We're trying to get a 'trending topic' of the word #flounce I love that word - it brings up all sorts of foot stamping, hissy fitting, ruffled petticoats and general botheration - so.... if you too would...
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    A different kind of fusion

    Zkv_DkKcij8 Just in case this doesn't come out (embedding is disabled apparently), here is the link Nava Aharoni dances to classical music!