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  • Привет, Катюша. Как дела? Ты сейчас в Турции? Чем занимаешься? Я тоже очень хочу на весь сезон уехать в Турцию. Сейчас ищу работу. Может, что-то подскажешь?
    Всего хорошего.
    Amri, thank you for your message and for wanting to be friends. :) You are a very lovely person and very sweet too!
    Hi, Amri

    Happy New Year, I wish you Health, happiness and dance for ever.
    I'm promoting my troup event which is taking place in Montreal from 23 to 25 january, we are holding workshops with master instructors, Faten Salama, Denise Enan, Aziah and Sayed from PortSaid, Egypt, are you close to Montreal, to join us the event is interesting and for all Levels because there are several folkloric classes
    Hi, Amri. I am glad to find a new friend. I studied during 1 year. Then start dancing in a restaurant Marrakesh. After some time, the situation created so that I had to take a break I would like to dance, especially abroad.. Amri, please write me how you came to Turkey? I am very interested. Where do you live now? Best regards.
    Hi, Amri. I find you in the russian belly dancers group. I am a junior member. Where are you from? I from Ukraine, Kiev.
    Hi Amri
    Thanks for your nice comment at my picture :)
    You look very sweet too and you have very nice pictures in your album!
    Sweet greetings
    hello how are you mother russain im happy that here some one from Russia. or at list half Russian. nice to meat you. my name Shahraman and im in this bussyness about 18 years,i was dancing but i stop now and im now stage costume designer if you like i will show you some of my work. what are you doing, you still dancing and where? ok kisses Shahraman
    I'm only a beginner dancer; this is the start of my second year of formal bellydance lessons. I'd been going it alone for 7 years previously with DVD's, because for a long time, there were no teachers in my area. Then last year one of the dance studios started offering lessons. My teacher has now moved her classes to the YMCA, due to some business disagreements with the owner of the studio. Things are a lot less stressful for her since her move, and her class keeps growing. :)
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