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  • Congrats on the youngest at Uni!! Good stuff.. My youngest is just starting Kindy hahahah!
    Good luck with house hunting. I do see a lot of leases about, shouldn't be too hard.
    Not sure yet, planning on beginning the awful job of finding a house in a couple of months. House hunting can be quite daunting. Just want to get my youngest son settled into uni first, he is going to Monash. I'll have time on my hands then.
    I have 2 instructors, I also teach via community centres. I won't be this term not enough enrolments, I also do relief teaching for one of my instructors.
    Hi Arcane I see you are in Melbourne. What part of Melbourne? I am out Wantirna way ( hopefully for not too much longer) want to move maybe around Chadstone area or Mt Waverley.
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