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    Anybody know that song from Ethel's Lilith video?

    Have you tried asking her?
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    Input on the future of

    I've given it a lot of thought and I think Zorba is right. It's best to have it all on one site and just use redirects if there are other domain names you want to keep. The only "presto web builder " I'm familiar with is wix and I don't know how they handle forums. You might be able to...
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    Moving to a new hosting provider

    Thanks for the warning.
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    I won't admit how long my inside decorations stay up some years (depending on my health). :whistle:
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    I believe it depends on which calendar they are using, Julian or Gregorian. It's basically the Twelve Day of Christmas from the celebration of his birth to Epiphany. Bit of trivia. The song the Twelve Days of Christmas came from a time period in England (1558 - 1829) when Catholics weren't...
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    help to identify a tribal music

    Do you mean Niyaz? The lead singer is Azam Ali.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    It's been nice the last few days. Nice and warm in the middle of the day. I know it won't last, it's January and the nights are still freezing, but I'm going to enjoy it while I can.
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    Change the color of this forum - How to

    I had to right click and open it in a new tab to get the options. I like the brown. (y)
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    MENA/MED In Memoriam 2019

    Huh, that's quite a number for one year.
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    ... And a Happy New Year!??
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    And you studied the mojave rattlers? However did you survive the heat? Or was that why you moved north?
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    I hated that when I lived in Vernon, BC. Only it was more like up around 11am and down by 2:30pm. Not my favorite time. Cold enough for hoarfrost and everyone was depressed from a lack of sun.
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    Holiday greetings 2019

    Happy winter solstice, Chanukah, Christmas, and all other holidays this season! (A family member was born on solstice and I've never had a problem remembering their B-day. ;) )
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    Azza Sherif, Egypt

    What a colorful outfit. I spent the entire video alternating between admiring her footwork and figuring out her tabard.