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    Requiem for a dancer

    My sympathies.
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    Titis Tsai

    Wow. 😯 Just wow.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    :oops: We're getting scattered showers. I'm giving you the credit.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    I would take it. Unfortunately we’re still about a month away from our annual late summer rains.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    Good for your son. That’s a hard dangerous job. We’ve had big fires too and when everything was on fire we were surrounded on all sides by them but they were out in the wilderness or on the mountain caused by careless campers or lightning strikes. These are in or just outside “town”. Causes...
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    Not so far but three of them in the last two weeks have been within a few miles. That's never happened before either. This has literally never happened here before. Ever. Not even back in the nineties when it seemed like the whole country was on fire...
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    2020 World Weather Thread I don’t know how many fires this makes now but we’ve never had so many.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    And more fires. The latest is a couple of teenagers shooting off firecrackers in the middle of a red alert no-fire zone... 🤦‍♀️ The temperatures are high and the air quality sucks. I miss going outside.
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    Making a Mermaid skirt...

    <--*giggles uncontrollably*
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    Life saving award

    That's a lot of weight. I thought of going into criminal investigations at one time but it was not meant to be. Do give her our my thanks as well.
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    I really hope they catch them.
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    That is terrible. It had never occurred to me there was be a market for stolen horse hair. To do that... just no.
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    Flat Feet?

    I don't know about exercises but when I was having trouble with my arches falling I started wrapping them with ace bandages in a figure "8" around my arches and my ankles crossing the top of my foot to support them. It enabled me to go barefooot all day if I wanted with no issues and helped...
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    I am so tired of the summer fires. There have been three surrounding us and a fourth one started in the middle of the metropolitan area on a ridge that threatened some medical offices. Along with the triple digit temperatures and the wind (today) I am not going outside.
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    2020 World Weather Thread

    That was last week. We've dropped back below 100F this week and the air quality has improved. It's just summer arriving though. We hit a point every year at the end of May (if not earlier) when outdoor burning is prohibited. We can thank the cheat grass for that. It is NOT native and...