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  • Oh gosh yes! Definitely yes to performing! :D I like the idea of teaching, but Idk if I'd be any good at it. I think Ruby's based on the West Coast lol...

    BD is addicting! I'm so happy you (and myself) finally got the chance to take part in this beautiful art form :) Post more videos when you get a chance!
    I was thinking about getting that DVD! A friend of mine actually studies with Ruby...they're both amazing dancers.

    Aw thank you! He's da bestest :) And...well...I don't like to use the word "professional" so much. Technically the definition of a professional is someone who makes their living off what they're doing, it's not necessarily based on skill. What I want more than anything is to be a great dancer :) As for BD itself, I absolutely agree! I've taken many dance classes but BD just resonates with me so powerfully. It's so soulful!

    Um...I think I was too awkward for hip hop lol. Also, I think the studio I attended just didn't teach it right. It made me uncomfortable because I had to feel another student up as part of the routine, and I was only 14. It just...wasn't my thing. But I love to watch hip hop dancers. So much respect for what they can do!
    Part 2 lol

    While I was still recovering I met my fiance, who knew how much dance meant to me and how much I wanted to learn belly dance in particular. He encouraged me to do what I love best. So when I was fully recovered I started my classes and he's supported me every step of the way. I'm a really lucky girl.
    As for my discovery of belly dance...it's kind of complicated but I'll try my best to explain.

    From a young age I wanted to be a professional dancer, but my parents chose a more scholarly path for me. When I lost my chance at a ballet career at 13 I became really depressed and starting searching for another form of dance that I could pursue. Hip hop was disastrous lol. But then a friend mentioned belly dance. I'd never heard of it. So I Googled and Youtubed and I fell in love! I took one class and practiced from a DVD once or twice but my parents did not approve in the slightest! So I promised myself I'd learn when I got to college. But my college didn't offer belly dance. So I tried ballroom instead...but I always tried to lead. Again, that was a failure. And whilst in the middle of saving up for classes, I required surgery and was out of commission for a time.
    Only once so far. But I practice as often as I can! Oh Oh! And Arabic hip walks! I LOVE those! I can relate...I wind up shimmying and spinning around the house constantly. Although my family is used to that. At least it's not as noisy as my tap dancing lol.

    It's so funny you mention shimmies. It 'clicked' for me the other day. I still can't sustain it for too long. I'm up to a minute total right now. But at least I got them much bigger and way more controlled. Currently I'm working on everything cuz I'm still a newbie. But in particular I work really hard on my arms. They're really long and skinny, so I think they look really awkward sometimes =/
    I'm lucky to have an extensive dance background, but at times I'm not sure if it makes learning belly dance harder or easier lol. Some dance things I was used to doing I've had to unlearn. For example, centering my weight instead of always being on my toes, etc. As for hearing about belly dance...well, it's a complicated story but I'll tell it if you'd like? :)

    As for BD moves...they're all wonderful and difficult lol. I LOVELOVELOVE the way undulations look! I can't wait until mine get better! Figure eights are a lot of fun, too :) HBU? Any fave moves?
    Hi AyaKara! I got involved with belly dance a few months ago due to the encouragement from my then-bf/now-fiance lol. Dance is one of my greatest passions! How about you? :)
    I'm a Queens girl, born and bred! But I currently reside on Long Island.
    I admire Tito for his humor, his strength / earthniess, and his spins are the best I've ever seen. I would definitely encourage you to watch some more male dancers, because it's good to see variety. I think it's a shame they aren't as encouraged in this dance, and I think they have a unique male style they can add.
    I learn mostly the American style of bellydance (modern oriental, cabaret, whatever you want to call it) but I am very influenced by modern Egyptian style. Tito Seif is one of my favorites on the Egyptian scene, right now, if you're interested in that style. I would recommend finding him on youtube.
    It feels very gratifying to look back and realize how long you've been dancing. I got into it through a friend, who knew basics and invited me to learn and do a sort of talent show performance with her. It was very fun, and I fell in love with it! Right now, I'd consider myself some sort of intermediate. Wouldn't consider myself advanced until I approach 10 years, maybe.

    Sorry I keep fading in and out of the conversation and replying back hours later--I pop into orientaldancer.net once or twice a day but have too much work to stay consistently on here.

    8 weeks? Nice! What style?
    I don't really know exactly how my life plan will turn out, we'll see! :)

    I have been dancing for almost 4 years now (started Jan 2009).
    Languages and management. I'm hoping to squeeze this into a possible belly dancing career a few years after I graduate. Are you a student as well?
    Aha! Yeah, Colette is a famous french author. I'm actually not surprised that the quote is very similar. I don't do much videogames myself but from what I've seen I know videogames can be very well crafted and philosophical.
    Nope! :) Don't really play too many videogames, I must admit. I'm actually taking a French literature course at my university right now, and we are studying Colette this semester. I thought it was a beautiful quote, even if Colette was orientalist and didn't do much for the image of belly dance....they quoted Colette in a videogame?
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