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    Celebrity Spotting!

    Did anyone spot Jena on Mad TV by chance? Azeeza
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    Economy and Belly Dance

    I'm not sure if anyone has asked this question, but I'm wondering if the economy has affected anyone's belly dance activities? Since about July, I've noticed quite a drop off in my area. No haflas, no new classes, classes closing, no workshops, workshops canceling, no restaurant dancers, etc...
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    What Does This Mean?

    "Low hip to waist ratio." I'm cornfused. Azeeza
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    Bug Bites????

    Has anyone ever suffered from small bug bites in the winter time? I've had this every winter for about 12 years. I can't figure out what is causing it. It's not bed bugs because my husband doesn't get them and we sleep in the same bed. It begins every December or January and lasts for a...
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    Has anyone had any experience using this? I placed an order for one application yesterday and I'm a tad worried. Any suggestions? Thanks, Azeeza
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    ISO 13 Inch Black Fringe

    Does anyone have a stash of about 40 inches or more straight black 13 inch fringe for sale? No iris color and no v shapes, just a straight line and straight black. Thanks, Azeeza
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    Mohamed Shahin DVD Video Clips

    Here is a link to the review I wrote about Mohamed Shahin's new DVDs. And here are Youtube clips of what you will learn from his new DVDs. Shoubeki Loubeki: YouTube - Shoubeki Loubeki is Instructional DVD of...
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    Mohamed Shahin Review!

    I'm not sure where to post this, but I'd like to share a review with my fellow dance mates. I had the honor of being able to take a workshop last year with Mohamed Shahin. Little did I know what I was in for :D, surprise! During the break, after the first workshop, of course, I had to...
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    Tabbouleh Video I can't get the link to work, but cut and paste. Azeeza
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    Help, Veil Sticking!

    I've never had veil issues, but I did at a recent workshop. The veil I used is a second hand veil and I noticed I was having trouble with it. Today, when I was in front of a mirror (there were no mirrors at the workshop), I noticed the veil had static cling in it. Can anyone recommend how to...
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    Caffeine and Skin Cancer?

    Has anyone else seen this? Now I can enjoy my morning coffee and know that it is doing me good besides just making me feel more energetic. Azeeza We all know what caffeine can do for our moods in the morning, but it's also increasingly celebrated in the dermatological community for its impact...
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    Trying to Lose Some Weight and Tone Up

    OMGosh, here's the scoop. My husband and I thought we'd like to walk the loop around a park near our house. A few weeks ago I wore the wrong shoes and I got a blister very early on, but today we were primed. I wore the correct shoes and thought I dressed warmly enough for the walk, thinking...
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    Shoppers Discount Scam, BEWARE

    Hi Everyone: I was checking my visa statements and I came across a strange charge of $12.00. So, I did some online checking and this is what I found regarding the mysterious charge. Shopper Discounts Complaints - Credit card scam For the life of me, I don't remember clicking on anything...
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    Getting Started [how did you enter the profession]

    I was wondering how all the teachers, performers, and professional dancers on this website got their start in their dance careers? If you wouldn't mind sharing, I'd appreciate it. Thanks, Azeeza
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    Dancing in Heels Spin off

    I'm new to the Meleya Luff dance, but I like using the wrap. If I were to perform this dance, where do I get the shoes called ship-ship and how easy is it to dance in them? Is is acceptable to not wear shoes while doing this dance? Every Meleya Luff dance I've seen shoes have been worn and I...