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  • Hi Caro,

    I'm sorry i took so long to respond - i've been extremely busy recently and haven't been on the forum much.

    Unfortunately with the recession, i definitely can't afford to do my grad research at Leeds any time soon so i will be doing an Mphil here at our uni and hopefully by the time i am done i'll be in better position to perhaps do the doctorate or a more specialised masters over in your side of the world.

    Thanks for asking! =)
    Just wanted to compliment you on the beautiful new photo. I just have to ask where it's from & who your supplier is? :D
    All the Best,
    Lady - you are so beautiful!
    Just wanted to stop by and tell you that i had a wonderful performance yesterday for a crowd that included arabs and for the first time i got a really great response from them. I feel some of this is due to your influence on the forum as i feel that the things that i learn from you and A'isha in terms of how natives look at certain things is helping me in how i in turn interpret the dance.

    So basically - thanks!
    Hi Caroline,

    Yes, I know Dud, by name only though. She is based in Copenhagen and I'm based in Jutland. I know that we have had the same teacher who gave us both a lot and has meant a lot to us (DUD: gypsy and me: bellydance)

    Where do you know her from?

    I do hope so!

    I've taken the plunge and decided to start going to Cairo twice a year, but this is the first year of going so frequently. Just every time I go, I want to go again! Hopefully will be going back in spring next time :)!

    Yes, Fady and Dalia were telling me all about their 'day' jobs, lol! And they told me how they knew you and I nearly fell off my seat! It's such a small world ;-)!

    Well, even if it's many miles away in Cairo, I'm looking forward to meeting you in the flesh and hearing your experiences!

    Take care,

    E x
    Thanks Caroline, that would be lovely of you - i didn't see that message before. I'd appreciate it as i have no friends or family over there and i'll be all alone in a cold place!
    Aw bless him! Yes, I really like him and his wife, they're different from all the other costumiers and have some wonderful ideas! It's weird, we've never met and somehow I feel I know you already :)!
    Actually as far as being excluded goes, we don't encourage stigamatising (labeling) people. However it is being encouraged now for people who have a mental illness to study to become social workers, psychiatrists,psychiatric nurses and mental health clinicians. A lot of my peers feel that if a person doesn't have a mental illness, then that person has no understanding of what they're going through. So that's why now we have peer volunteers and peer recovery specialists,but some of them may move on to become psych doctors,nurses and clinicians like I said before. Also like I said before we do raise awareness of mental illnesses so as to eliminate defining people as their illnesses. Sometimes family members of a person with a mental illness get involved,but so far that's been done with other programs like Nami(National Alliance For The Mentally Ill).
    It's alright so long as I have willing customers. Where I volunteer the customers have to be willing to be there just as much as the volunteers. It's been more fun when I've done groups without people being brought in from other programs. When that happens, sometimes I get people who don't want to cooperate with rules of our program. I've occassionally led art and origami activity groups which are fun. I have Asperger's myself,but unfortunately have had no luck getting a peer support group started for it. I think the nearest group is a two hour drive from me. I can't make it long distance since I have no car so that's out of the question. I've read up on Asperger's Syndrome and have learned a little about it.
    Mental Health Peer Volunteering for my County's Mental Health Department. I'm hoping it will some day lead to a paid Peer Recovery Specialist job.
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