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    Getting back to fitness after two years of nothing

    Hi I was wondering if anyone can offer advice on getting re-fit after a two year absence from dance and excercise in general due to injury and healing. At this point I know I couldn't do an hour class. I have starting an mile walk in the morning and some excercise but one the form gets...
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    Has anyone seen new editions of Bellydance Magazine

    I was wondering has there been a new edition of Bellydance Magazine are they still publishing... the last edition was in August with Rachel Brice on the cover? Creaks
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    Great fashion history book !

    Hi I just got my hands on a really cool book The Collection of the Kyoto Costume Institiute FASHION A History from the 18th to the 20th Century published by Taschen at the Barnes and Noble bargain was only $20. The picture details give lots of costuming ideas...just the dustcover...
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    150% off topic but I need help with using poblano peppers

    Hi Creaks here.... Help...Tonight I am making a big batch of chili for friends tomorrow and found a great bargain on a pack of poblano chilis...okay some of them are a bit soft but... okay. So will use some in the chili but need some ideas on using the rest...maybe just roasting and...
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    Cross-training of sorts. Belly dance and other disciplines

    Hi as I was reading the Sword Weight thread Nath and Khanjar mentioned being fencers. I too have fenced and found that bellydancing improved fencing in ways that went beyond what fencing masters taught. Our weight shifts, flexibility, ect helped improved fencing. With tai chi... it was the tai...
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    Depression, dancing and meds

    Hi I'm curious, I have major depression (some think a bit bi-polar - me too) what I'm wondering is do you find the combo of dance and meds more helpful than meds and talk therapy. I'm on effexor...(nasty stuff) it does work but, some times it seems that the med makes me have less heat tolerance...
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    Help making a gwahzee coat from a princess style dress

    Hi I have an old princess style front buttoned velvet dress... I could use some advice on how to change it into a gwahzee coat... only thing I need it by this weekend. Nothing like planning:rolleyes: The dress is button down has long sleeves and a scoop neck. I'm thinking what I need to do is...
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    It's better than chocolate or dancing...really!

    :lol: Okay well not really hardly anything is better than chocolate or dancing... but maybe _________________ for me fabric/ice cream? Anyone willing to give it a try?
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    Dancing and Hip Replacements

    Hi, I was wondering if any of you could advise me on what to tell my best friend...she wants to dance but... she has had a double hip replacement, and does from time to time dislocate her hips. She has had mime training so knows how to isolate and does horseback riding (dressage not sure of...