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  • So now I have to ask your secret? How do you stay so active with the fibromyalgia? I am sorely impressed.:clap:
    Thanks for the rep :) that dancer was the bane of my belly dance existence for years. Constant public critic.
    Thanks for posting a "Like" for my post about YT.

    And let me add ~ you are beautiful! :)
    Thanks for the 'like'. Wow, I wasn't aware that I was making such an impression.
    Thanks for the rep! I made that one for my order for Bella and thought it is not only useful for myself :)
    Thanks for the rep, you are sweet to say that - It is probably more the fact that I have been around this little old world for some years past the 1/2 century mark & have gone through all sorts of fears in my own life & with my now grown up kids & currently with my year 12 son, so one has all sorts of motivational anecdotes and ideas tucked away in ones head:D
    Thank you for your comment last month! I'm still trying to figure out how to use the Forum so I'm sorry it took me so long to respond. I love your avatarT
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