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    Hoola Hoops - the way forward !!

    Hello everyone !! It's so nice to be back....;) I've just got back from one of my ever increasing travels to the lovely Egypt. . .and discovered that HOOLA HOOPING is the way forward for budding belly dancers !! Not only does hoola hooping give you a great workout (for all the body not just...
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    Hello everyone !! It's me, Demelza. . . I'm back. How are you. I've been in Egypt for the last few months. . . Lots more stories to tell and brand costumes on their way! (see other pages of the forum) ;) Demelza xx
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    Hello to everyone

    Hello to everyone new to the forum. Please forgive me for not greeting you on your individual threads, I am just a bit tad lazy !! Welcome to all of you. . . look forward to reading your ideas, views, stories, etc etc etc. . . Love Demelza xxxx
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    this film....

    I am just DYING to see this film and can't wait untill I go back to Egypt. It's called Il Binet Dol (Those Girls) CAIRO (Reuters) - Film-maker Tahani Rached, returning to Egypt after almost 40 years in Canada, has revealed the hidden lives of girls who live, beg, cheat, sniff glue, pop pills...
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    Lovely Egyptian Music Videos

    I like these......thought I'd share 'em :cool:
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    In a while Crocodile xx

    bye bye everybody!.....I'm off to Egypt tomorrow !! Yeeeeaaaahhhhh.......only for 7 days though Dahab for 5 days and then Cairo for 2 !! ( this space and see if I accidently miss the flight home or not as I usually do) Be good now children....No fighting !! See u next week, Love...
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    Crop tops

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    What's yur CLAIM 2 FAIM ??

    If you get bored easily......DO NOT READ THIS THREAD !!!! I was bored and thats why I wrote it !! What's your Claim to Faim ? Do you have one ? Do you have many ? Here are my top 11 !.....(tried to make it 10 but it just is 11) 1. My Great Uncle invented the first Black clothes dye that...
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    So who are you all ????

    My friend used to chat on a forum. She chatted and argued and made up and talked and joked and laughed for hours and hours on end whilst she was bored at home. She told me that sometimes, while her husband was at work and the baby was in bed, she would feel like she was down at the pub on a...
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    Zorba is an anagram for 'Zobra'

    :o I am so sorry Zorba:o :o Zorba is an anagram for 'Zobra' which is a common word used (in Egypt) to describe a certain part of the male anatomy!!!!!;) Love D x (gone shy)
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    New costumes have finally arrived !!

    My new stock (costumes, dresses, hip scarves, sintiens etc) have finally been released from the port !! I'm so's been so long i've almost forgotten what I've bought !! Anyway, watch the market thread over the next couple of days.......:) :) :)
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    Watch the sunrise over Saudi Arabia.....

    Wow, check this out.....I am so excited about what I have found !! In Dahab (you probably all know by now that this was my home for along time and still my favourite place on this beautiful earth)....they have put up a webcam so you can see the sunrise over the red sea, coming up over the...
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    I think this guy's good
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    Male costuming discussion

    Ok, I'm gonna ask a question. I haven't been reading all the posts on this thread so I'm probably far behind...but I really want to know something...this question is not set out to offend anybody, and I appologise in advance if it does, :o ...but please...just a question..... Why do 'Male...
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    GOT to share this... :p :p :p :p