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    How you know its Christmas in Australia.

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    Cultural appropriation or Exchange - a facebook post

    A lot of (largely non-Indian) people are mad at Dita Von Teese for rocking this gorgeously goth-tacular sari. As an Indian woman, I really appreciate Indian fashion being normalized in this way. Why should our clothes be relegated to Indian-only spaces? Why are only Western clothes allowed to...
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    Guess the Dancer

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    Some Dancing with a twist

    Hello , I have not posted here for sometime, so I thought I will share couple of videos , Now they are Indian and they have a thing of twisting everything culturally as you know, but that makes India unique. Enjoy
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    Funny Youtube Clips and Other Stuff

    Not a funny youtube clip but its the "öther stuff" by pencil artist Janice Price.
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    Hello everybody I thought I would ask for some reviews regarding a website I have recently designed. Good or bad , too much colour, not enough colours , easy navigation, complicated navigation etc. Thank you all in advance and I really appreciate all your comments.
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    A very inspirational video -

    A very inspirational video - I feel happy and sad at the same time, but I also feel we are so lucky that people like Moira kelly do exist in this difficult selfish world. W86jlvrG54o
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    Happy Mew Year 2012

    Have lots of fun. d63jKihoYRg
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    Jamil in China

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    Risque Shows Around The World

    I am not sure Belly dance is that risqué . But then my idea of belly dance may be very different to the general public and I may agree to some extent because it could be very risqué depends on who is dancing for whom...
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    Bollywood and 9/11

    This is a Bollywood movie Qurbaan based on 9/11 f-LhnzszFOw cMR7ZvGoa0k W2bRdw9aI8Y 1whKYyPBQH4
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    Police Academy

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    Anybody going to watch the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony?

    I know many of you don't know about Commonwealth games , well its the third largest sporting event and celebrated by all the Commonwealth nations. Its not a political forum but Commonwealth is more like an organisation for cultural and educational exchange. Delhi was awarded the games in...
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    Egypt Photography thread

    Hello Forum I have been using flickr and SSC forum for sometime to share and view photographs of many amateur photographers. I usually collect photographs from the Middle East and India and have an interest in landscape and the people. In this thread I will share pictures of Egypt. Please share...
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    Just having fun

    Enjoy ! BfVv_WdZwN0&feature