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    Keep smiling and keep dancing.

    That's the motto when the unexpected occurs during a performance. Whether it be music, costume, audience, weather, prat-falls, passing animals, etc.., please share your moments of gathering your wits (or loosing them) and carrying on regardless.
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    Old photographic slides on eBay

    One related slide shows this event;
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    How do you spell it out?

    Do you write bellydance, belly-dance or belly dance? Do you use capitals, or just lowercase? Where do you think you gained your habit from, and which do you think is correct? I favour bellydance, sometimes belly dance, and I hardly ever hyphenate it. If I use capitals I tend to capitalise...
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    Morris Dance attraction

    I seem to know a number of bellydancers who either have a partner who Morris dances, or who actually Morris dance themselves. Is there some sort of commonality between Morris and belly dance that anyone would like to comment on - the comradeship, the costumes, the public exhibition, the...
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    History and teaching

    How often do you bring in the subject of history when you are teaching bellydance? Not your own personal history, but the theories about bellydance origins and development, and the known details about historical or cultural changes, dancers or promoters? Do you think it should be left out...
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    12th Century Bellydancers in England?!

    I've just read a 1963 translation of Richard of Devizes "Chronicle of Richard I", where I found this description of the disreputable people you could find in London in 1192 - "Actors, jesters, smooth-skinned lads, Moors, flatterers, pretty boys, effeminates, pederasts, singing and dancing...
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    Hen Party

    Please share your experiences of performing or teaching at Hen Parties. I've been asked if I would do this, and could do with some appraisals!
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    Guess the Dancer

    Here's Samia Gamal raiding the fridge; In her dressing room; And showing off her dirty feet!!
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    Male belly dancer 1940s?

    I found this image of a postcard photograph on Etsy - (click on images for larger versions) The comments on...
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    Nylon Fan Veils

    Has anyone used nylon fan veils? How well do they compare against the silk ones (apart from being vegan friendly)? Do they have any advantages for particular moves, or are they more limiting? Does anyone have any videos of them in use?
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    Homage to My Hips - Lucille Clifton (1987)

    these hips are big hips they need space to move around in. they don't fit into little petty places. these hips are free hips. they don't like to be held back. these hips have never been enslaved, they go where they want to go they do what they want to do. these hips are mighty hips. these hips...
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    "Dance like no one is watching"

    "Dance like no one is watching" is often given as advice for gaining confidence and connecting to yourself freed from inhibitions. Two questions - 1.Where does the quote come from? I see it attributed to William Watson Purkey, a writer on inspirational teaching, as part of a longer quote...
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    Performance or Dancing?

    I 'perform' for an audience, but I 'dance' for myself. Is this the general idea? When I hear music and want to move - I'm dancing. I express myself and the music with little forethought, the more so if I feel that I'm not being commented upon by a watchful audience. When I want to get my...
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    Flowers and plants

    Are there any plants or flowers that have belly dance related names? Apart from Beth the Bellydancing Banana!
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    Its that time of year again!

    Anyone got any bellydance music they think might suit a Christmas party? Okay - its my performance and normally I concentrate on the 'party' aspect, rather than on the 'Christmas' - but I'm curious of what other people might choose to dance to. And it might give me some inspiration!