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    Message from Hakim lion of Egypt

    Hello, I'm Hakim and really I'm happy for your interest about my songs and music, I wish you all can join my fan page on facebook . Hakim " Lion Of Egypt " | Facebook Hakim "Lion of Egypt"
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    Sa3d ElSoghayer - Qeset El7ay Elsha3by Album

    Sa3d ElSoghayer & Nicol Saba- Qeset El7ay Elsha3by Album From Qeset El7ay Elsha3by Movie , very sha3by album Track List 01. El Hantour 02. Teet 03. El Enab 04. Bel Balady 05. Nefsy Ya Ma'alem 06. Elab 07. Orkosy We Rakasena 08. Hamra Ya Kouta 09. Salam Lel Ahly ((( Download )))
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    Arabian Spices 2003

    Arabian Spices 2003 Full CD Track List: 1.arabian spices 2.trance orient 3.oriental fire 4.psycho dancer 5.underground arabia 6.oriental taboo 7.wind of arabia 8.arabian house 9.oriental rave 10.tribal grooves Download
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    Sa3d El-Soghayar and Dina

    Sa3d El-Soghayar and Dina , cool video and newest for both , Sa3d is a very popular Arabian singer , he is Egyptian and always singing sha3by and dancing some times , there is 2 versions i uploaded 1 next is soon . click here Enjoyy
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    Egypten Tabla

    too nice Egypten Tabla ((( Download )))
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    Ahmed Adawya - Ya Bent El Soltaan

    as requested here is the arabic sound lyrics and the English translation of these nice song for Ahmed Adawya . (arabic sound lyrics) Ya bent el soltan , 7elmek 3al ghalban El maya fi edeeky we Adawya atshaan Ya bent el soltan , 7eeny 3ala ghalban El maya fi edeeky we Adawya atshaan 3ala kobry...
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    Shik shak shok

    These is the Translation of Shik shak shok and the arabian sounds ; ) . Shik shak shok shik shak shok shik shak shok nassik ya habibi il rap w il rock My darling, I'm going to make you forget about rap and rock shik shak shok shik shak shok nassik ya habibi il rap w il rock My darling, I'm...
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    Request your Arabic music/videos here

    Request your Arabic Music / Videos here and i will get it to you but oldies or new but please don't chose a very old music becuse im 19 lol :D
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    Ruby Ebaa Abelny -- Video

    Ruby Ebaa Abelny -- Video these is the coolest video Ruby have realased , it's into a pharons design with a nice Egypten oriental dance , she is the 1st girl who relaseing videos in Egypt and the most femous now . ((( Download ))) Screenshots Enjoy