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  • Thanks Elfie. We all learn different things at different times - depending on need and opportunity.
    Thank you for the rep. Enjoy your daughter, however opinionated she may be about herbs and spices. Mine leaves for college this Sunday and I think I am going to cry...
    Thanks, Elfie! I think you were making great points. Someone asked for help, and you gave it!
    O really? I will have to see if I can get up with her then! Its hard to find teachers in WV, it is even worse outside of Charleston. I wish you luck, keep at it!
    I am in Southern WV near Charleston. Where are you from? Is the other dancer Michelle? I am starting classes with her the 15th. I have been taking classes with Amira in Hurricane for about 6 months. She is ATS and I am really into Egyptian and cabaret styles
    I've had two days off from work, so I'm doing fine at the moment! xD The bad weather came at a really inopportune time. Everyone's getting their income tax refunds, so it's been like Christmas all over again, and what with the snow and ice, people have went into a panic. The shelves have been pretty bare this week, and yet they keep coming back! Oo Otherwise, things are pretty good. :)

    We're getting ready for the upcoming dance season, and I'm nervous and excited at the same time! ^^;
    Thanks for the rep you gave me in the Advent calendar thread. Sorry I didn't thank you sooner, I just noticed it:D
    Heheeh...I read that you were a writer too after I said that about Language Arts...guess you won't need help there! You could probably tutor ME if you're a poet. Poetry is the one form of writing I truly can NOT do. But Psychology....absolutely...I've had a million of those classes....
    HI...I was just reading your "back to school" postings...I added something on there, but just wanted to ask...are you going to a traditional "brick and mortar" school in your area or are you going to Capella, Walden, or U of Phoenix online? Just curious because I know so many people doing both in their 30s.
    Hello - in response to your comments, I don't have much use for drawstrings, not even in everyday wear, unless I'm watching a football game in my sweats! Elastic all the way in costumes works best!
    Thanks for the rep, and you're welcome for the red hint. Crimson is much more wearable for lots of us than scarlet. You're a pretty girl and have the potential to be a knock-out. Find yourself a good department store, head to the makeup counter, tell the expert there that you're interested in stage make up and see what she suggests. Beware buying stuff before you get a few opinions. I once had a makeup counter person put orange and yellow based colors on me "to warm up" my very cool complexion instead of jut dealing with my reality. It was awful. I lloked like I had a serious cas of jaundice. ;)
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