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  • Hmmm. Got a shot term memory problem going on here. I'm getting elderly, you know. Buttercup?
    Thank you very much, Erik! :D I would have answered earlier, but I just NOW got the notification, and I've been to the forum several times since my birthday! oO;;
    It was nice to see her just singing. Allows one to appreciate her talent without lots of other stuff going on which tends to distract you from her singing.:D
    Thanks Erik, for filling me on the RC thing. I didn't realise it was remote controlled things, and I still don't get the relationship between those & bellydance/ME Music:D Maybe he was lonely and just joined the forum to discuss his passion, but I'm sure there must be forums around that would be more suited to "boy toys".
    Erik you do contribute to the forum and are a valued member, thanks for your kind words.

    The forum was down for a big move to new servers, it took a little longer than anticipated. If you are on facebook, we do have a FB page there that we use to inform members of problems and to keep in touch if the forum is down for any reason. Fans of
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