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    Rainbow Lycra flared skirt new!

    Gorgeous new Lycra skirt in a very colorful rainbow tie dye pattern. Very flared! One slit. 39" long, hips stretch 32"-42" max. Free shipping in the USA. PayPal only.
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    Hot Pink Velvet Aqua Flowers Feathers & BLING! C cup $450 NEW!

    FOR SALE!!! Hot pink with Aqua FlowersCup size C will fit a B with padding bra measures 6 1/2" high, 7 1/2" across, 8" diagonal Underbust up to 37" hips 34" unstretched to 38" stretched Length 37" pink aqua flowers pictures by iloveyourfloweredmuumuu - Photobucket ... This is a gorgeous new...
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    Neon Lime green Cabaret Mermaid Skirt Costume NEW! $425

    Brand new! Unique! Honeydew Snowflake Very bright! VERY neon! Covered in jewels and rhinestone fringe. It has a mermaid style skirt with chiffon over organza. It has one slit and a gathered side. …There is a detachable 3/4 sleeve and an upper armband. Comes with headband and veil. This is...
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    BDSS Babelesque - New Show I saw it.....

    Hi everyone. I am not going to try to review the new show but.....I went to see it on opening night and thought I'd share. Being good friends with several of the super stars I thought I would go and support them and check it out. I brought a friend who had never seen them. The theatre was...
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    Costume Making Workshop in Los Angeles

    Hi everyone! I am having a costume making workshop for 4 saturdays in September in North Hollywood. Anyone in the Los Angeles area or who knows a dancer in that area might be interested. Register soon and join us for the first shopping day downtown on Sept. 1st! Costume Making Workshop with...
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    Last minute cancellations - what to do?!!!!

    Hi everyone! I have to vent!!!!! Here I am sitting in a gorgeous new costume with fabulous hair and makeup and nowhere to go! Why???? Because I was just cancelled on 30 minutes before a show! GRRRRRRRRR! I was asked yesterday to perform at a convalescent hospital by a woman who interrupted my...
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    I finally have a web site!

    Hi everyone! Hooray! I finally have a website! Yippeeeee! Designed by Allison at Please check it out!
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    The Hip Drop Belly Dance Shocase in Los Angeles

    Hi everyone! I am not sure how many of you are in the Los Angeles area but just in case...... I host a monthly belly dance showcase the first Wednesday of every month in North Hollywood. It is a lovely venue and the dancing is awesome! It has a $5 cover and we provide light refreshments. In case...
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    New costumes

    Hey everyone. I love to make my own costumes. That is pretty much all I do. I only own a few that are pre-made or came form Egypt. Let me know what you think. Here are the 2 newest ones.
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    Students vending in class behind my back!

    Hey everyone! Here's a new one......I teach a successful class at the YMCA. I have over 30 women in each of my classes and I get to use a gorgeous big studio. I LOVE teaching these classes! They don't pay well because it is the Y so I have been supplementing my income by selling hip scarves and...
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    Sometimes it is just business! Performance money issues!!!! Help!!!

    Hello ladies! I run a monthly showcase in Los Angeles called The Hip Drop. It has become pretty successful and we get a good turnout. I originally started this show as a place to just dance and network and maybe make some tips on the side. It is being held in the back outdoor garden space of...