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  • Hi Eshta...

    Thank you!
    i hope we can take belly dance to next level in UK and i hope all the belly dancers going to take part in awards. Now we to tall every belly dancer about the awards.

    British Belly Dance Awards
    Hi hope the VISA is going OK. Got home Sat on last train which got in at 1:21. My teacher and others from Colchester were in and were very sniffy about the standard of dancing. She only like the fist fusion and the troupe!
    Will pass on the pink dress as I'm really not a pink person but would love the green when I've lost a bit of weight - which considering I just came down with heavy cold Monday and can't taste a thing the diet is going well. Fingers crossed I can taste things again Sat. Hope we hear from you in Goa
    Booked yesterday. Was waiting to see what was happening about my birthday (60) as my son lives in Lanzarote, but we are seeing him on 19th (actual birthday). Really looking forward to this one - I think golden Age Style more suitable for my age than modern!!
    Hi Honey, im owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to
    got back at one - slept til 10. Blisters the size of 10p pieces. Will pack shoes and plasters every time from now on. Hope Sunday went well
    I'm only doing Saturday. don't feel ready for drum solo yeat and also need to rest Sunday as I work almost 12 hour days in school holidays. See you there
    Hi I've booked Sunday as well and am very excited - do you know anywhere nice and reasonably priced to stay?
    Hi again, one day we will meet I am sure!!

    How often do you go to Cairo?

    Fady and Dalia are nothing like the 'Bazaar' people who you meet in Egypt. Dalia is a lecturer at the American University and fady also has other business's including a Gas station in LA.
    Very diverse ha ha. Caroline
    Hi Eshta!
    Fady at oriental Moon told me you met up with them again at the last festival, he said to say HI!!
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