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    I want silk isis wings: Look!

    You know when you accidentally go on a meander through youtube by randomly clicking related clips? Well look what I found, and I WANT SOME! YouTube - Bishi 'The Swan'
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    Belly dance as mainstream?

    Hi ladies, Was watching a dance talent show on the tv tonight and 90% of it was 'street dance'. Saw some belly dancer floating around in the background but never saw anything more than a glimpse. Got me thinking about belly dance. Will it ever be mainstream? Why do you think so? Would you...
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    Help me get into Turkish music?!

    Hey ladies, seasonal greetings! I have been dancing in a Turkish/Mediterranean restaurant for quite a while and have been lucky enough that the owner doesn't care that my music is 90% Egyptian, as long as the standard of dancing is good. But I seem to be getting more and more work with...
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    So when IS performing for free good publicity?

    Howdy folks! Ok, so we've had a number of threads around lately discussing how performing for free is a BAD thing as it brings the value of the artform down for EVERYONE. But on the flipside... I've been chatting with a very talented dancer who became well-known in a short space of time. The...
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    Inspired by vs Stolen From?

    Hello ladies, Curious to get your opinion. With the world of the internet being the amazing thing that it is, I often watch youtube clips and think "hey, that move/combo looks great, I want to try it!" and may incorporate it in my current dance vocabulary if I like it. Sometimes I really fall...
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    Anasma is coming to London!

    Ladies, I'm really excited that Anasma is coming to the UK in two weeks, and will be teaching workshops courtesy of hipsinc, and performing at Saqarah! I'm going to attempt to do a youtube clip or two for those of you who haven't encountered Anasma:
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    Reinventing the drum solo?

    Bear with me, this isn't fully formulated in my head so it may come out quite rambly! Recently I took a workshop with Sara Farouk (for those of you who don't know Sara, she's a British dancer who moved out to Cairo). During it, she made a very succinct point about drum solos. I am...
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    Arabic karaoke anyone?!

    Slightly off the dance end of the scale but... While I was in India I was singing as well as dancing (though not often at the same time!) and a possible opportunity appears to be presenting itself to me, but it would involve demonstrating that I could sing a few songs in Arabic :confused...
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    Not new, but I'm back!

    Hello ladies, remember me?! Well, been away in India dancing but now back in London and LOVING being home, although I had such a blast in India! Thought I'd touch base with, see who's still here, see if I've missed any long running debates on what is/isn't bellydance, male belly...
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    Who is "Mumtez" designer?

    Hello ladies? I keep seeing costumes by "Mumtez" and they seem kind of familiar but I can't place who they are!? Does anyone have any insight? I see is stocking them but they keep cropping up!
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    The "Who's Who" of Belly Dance!

    Hi ladies, for fun I want to try to compose the top 100 "Who's Who" of Belly Dance 2009, please help me! When I say "top" I'm trying to think of who is the most influential in the belly dance world, so much wider than "who's your favourite dancer/teacher"? It could be, but choreographers...
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    I'm senior, does that make me old or just special?!

    Hey folks, I just realised I've become a 'senior member', when did that happen and is that a reference to my wrinkles?!? I feel quite excited whatever the answer, think of the hours dedicated to this moment! I'd like to thank my mum, my teachers, my hip belt...!
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    London workshops: Lorna of Cairo is back!

    Hello ladies, We are very excited to have Lorna back with us in London in a couple of weeks and there are still places left on her workshops! They are Saturday 12th September at Fulham's Dance Attic, with evening performance at Saqarah the same day! We sold out completely and with good...
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    Veil fans, what's gives?!

    Help me folks! I've been set a challenge by a friend: to choreograph a flamenco inspired/ flamenco fusion/flamenco influenced to an Alabina song (Lolai habibi ya aini) for 3 dancers...using veil fans! Nothing like a good challenge to get the brain juices flowing :shok:! The flamenco bit, I'm...
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    Beautiful isis wings photographs

    Hello ladies, I wanted to share some stunning photography from our monthly hafla last month. We are lucky to have an exceptionally talented photographer with an incredible eye. These shots physically took my breath away! If you want to see more his site is Enjoy...