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  • Let me know if you need to chat or anything! It's stressful here too, I'm really tired of being broke all the time. But my husband finally got a job, so some structure is slowly coming back to my life.
    hiiiiiiiiiiiiiii. thanks a lot my friend. u are the most welcome too. sure i have to join this great belly dance oriental it's really amazing
    Hey, kiddo! You're welcome! I am all kinds of happy to hear you enjoyed the chocolate. You deserve it, and thanks for participating in my wacko poetry contest! Take care.
    hi . thanks for the add my friend .yep Maria_Aya my great lovely sister
    There are families connected with blood.
    And families connected with long time friendship, respect, trust, love. honest , care
    she is my my sister without blood relation !! but we are
    Awww... :redface:
    I'm sooo not one of the forum sweeties, really I'm not. You are though, that's explanation enough. :cool:
    I'm gonna try to get your prize on its way tomorrow! Will let you know as to probable arrival date.
    Hi Farasha, just wanted to try to tempt you back to the forum after you got upset on that toxic thread. But maybe Kharmine's doing that already (chocolate?!). Anyhoo, come back girl, we miss ya.
    I feel the same. I find that there are threads that i don't even read, just based on the titles. Pretty bad, huh? I only read the muslim/arab one because i saw you'd posted... argh
    just let me know when you're ready, and i'll make it for you! i'll keep playing around, so if you see one you really like, let me know. and taxes and inventory ruin everything...
    Sure! LOL That's why I made it! I just thought it was an awesome pic to start with, but that date printed in it was bugging me... LOL

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