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    What captures you?? Technique?? Personality??

    When your watching a performer what captures you?? * People who are sooo 100% technically sound * People who have passion even if not technically that amazing * People whos personality and enthusiasm and humour shine through?? I love watching passionate people sometimes those that are amazing...
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    fifi clip

    I have heard alot about this lady so I have been watching alot of clips on youtube and i think this one below is great! I wish I could do what she does at 0.22...whats this move looks like some kinda of figure of 8 thing but I don't know (sorry for being dumb). YouTube - The...
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    Ever let yourself down in class??

    I have posted this on bhuz but wanted a reaction from the non-bhuzzers I had practiced and practiced all week every night since the previous lesson. I went to my class last night and completely felt rubbish!! I didnt feel like I could do the movements at all and I kept loosing my shimmy and I...
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    Whatever Lola wants

    Is this dvd available on dvd in UK??
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    What style is she?? I know she performs on Turkish tv so thats pretty much a major give away (duhhhh) but some moves look tribally...slate me but I am just a beginner so just trying to find out whats what. She is a good dancer and soooooooo gorgeous its just not fair!!!!!!!
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    When do you major?? If you ever do....

    Hi guys, I have noticed on alot of forums people say that they are a turkish belly dancer or an egyptian bellydancer or that they do tribal. In most classes Im assuming people do a little bit of everything or specialise in one form but when do you decide what style you want to "major" in if...
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    Belly or no Belly!

    So...I was having conversation with my gal pals who were saying how lucky I was to do belly dancing and that I had an excuse not to always do sit ups etc. They assumed that belly dancers carry a little extra belly jelly for dancing but I told them in my experience with videos on youtube and the...
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    confused on belly rolls...2 different ways??

    Hello guys and Gals, I am trying to run before I walk....AGAIN!! but I am a little confused. Belly rolls....some videos and instructionals on youtube sasy you must remain completely still and you should use your stomach muscles to contract and roll your tummy. get the rachel brice...
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    Alias...Using arabic names...wrong or right

    I have noticed alot of dancers use arabic names especially when they are regular performers. I signed up for this site under the name Fatinah but my boring western name is Emma Jayne....not very arabic or exotic!! Is it ok for myspace and forum purposes to use a different name?? I love using...
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    Whats a bellydancers shelf life?

    Im not saying there is one but I am very new to bellydancing and I was talking to a pal of mine who is a tap dancer and has danced all her life but her performing career is virtually over at the ripe old age of 28!!! 28 is only 3 years away so its a good job Im not a tap dancer. I know its very...
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    Myspace...who has one?

    It would be nice to add and meet other dancers Im - Bellydancer Fatinah - 25 - Female - UK - who else has one
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    vertical figure of 8...egyptian!!!!

    Hi Guys, I have been dancing my whole life, mainly ballet and tap but I have started belly dancing over the last few months. I have fallen in love with the art and I go to lessons once a week and practice with my coin belt for about an hour a day. I can do most basic moves quite fluently now...
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    hello xxxx

    Hi Guys Im Fatinah, Im new to belly dancing but I have such a passion and a drive for the art. Just wanted to introduce myself and say hi :) Fatinah xx