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  • Gia, you're a honey as well as my sister in spirit. Thanks for the rep. Maybe one of these days we'll get to rock together, then watch out world! Shanazel
    I have all but roughly 1 minute choreographed. I know how I'm gonna end it, and I know where I want to include a back bend, but the rest is all up in the air LOL. Fear not! I shall be ultra punctual tommorow. I figured we could stretch out and then get right to work on perfecting (as much as is possible) the dance. Thank you soooooooo much! I will give you an awesome review. Where do I post it?
    hi gia i was just wondering how old the people in your class are in the wayne Y, im about 16.. is that the right age for your class?
    One more verse down..I've promised myself that I'll have it all done by Friday. I REALLY hope thats possible LOL
    I cant even tell you how much fun I had! I swear, we were seperated at birth LOL. I practiced my butt off today and have up to the seconed verse choreographed. I'm so excited to see you again Friday. You are too cool chica!
    OMG thats so sweet for you to even offer! I have to see how my financial situation is working out (I dont exactly get paid much).
    Dear Gia,
    So finally I was able to dance with the candle tray!
    I used the advice you gave me, and used a hair-band. It worked very well for me (as I have such slippery hair!)

    Thanks Gia,
    Sorry Gia, thanks for the compliment. You are usually nice too. It WAS a genuine mistake
    Dear Gia,
    Thanks for the reply!! Well, my trip to Athens came at a very bad time.. I don’t know if you have heard, but Athens has been burning for three days now..

    So, unfortunately I did not have a lot of time to walk around the shops in Monastiraki (the area where they sell antique stuff, and all the workshops are) as it is was one of the areas targeted by the protesters.

    I did find a couple of trays that I liked though, one was reasonably priced and I bought it! Now, I confess that I asked the seller (who was also the craftsman of the workshop) to hammer it a little, and give it a concave shape in the centre so it would be easier for me to balance. A little bit of cheating, I admit!!

    The bad thing is that this hammering produced a rather deep depression in the middle of the tray, much much deeper than I had intended! I don’t know weather hammering it back is a good option. He said there is a limit to the metal’s elasticity and it could break.

    I don’t know what I will do. I think perhaps I will start practicing with this tray for now, so that I start getting used to holding things on my head. Soon I will go to Athens again and I might find the perfect tray then!!

    Thank you soo much for the advice Gia! I will certainly let you know how my “progress” goes.

    Kisses and shimmies from the island of Crete!
    Dear Gia,
    Perhaps you can help me with your expertise.

    I would like to start training myself with tray balancing. I searched around on the forum and found some old threads about balancing trays. It seems that you recommend buying a tray that is relatively heavy. Why is that? Is it to keep the tray’s centre of gravity low when the candles are added?

    The reason I am asking is because I will travel to Athens on Monday and visit a street market where such things as old trays are being sold. Since this will be a good opportunity to search around for brass trays, I would like to know what to look for.

    It seems to me counter-intuitive to look for something large or something heavy, as that would tend to be more uncomfortable. However since many dancers seem to recommend exactly that, I thought I should ask someone experienced in this..

    Thank you for your time, looking forward to your response!!
    Hi Sweety I put up some more of my designs on my profile. I can't wait to see the purple silk pics. You are wearing it this weekend? Love, Tara
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