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    Selling away clothes. Beautiful and cheap!

    You can use these for parties or even belly dance costume. You can wear it highwaisted or with belly cleavage showing. Selling away for $100 each. you pay shipping. Beautiful work and stunning! Let me know if you are interested! Thanks! :) Duppata - 45 inches in width 1 feet 26 inches length...
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    Selling 3 pretty suits!!nice colors!!:)

    Selling Brand new Gowns Hello everyone! How are you? I finally took pictures for the 3 suits I'm selling. Selling for $500 each or name your price . + shipping These are indian/pakistani styled lehngas.Heavily rich embroidered with sequins, beads, bullion, cutdana, stones and zari work. A...
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    cake. really need help thanks!

    making a cake and these are the layers and fillings im using . should i change anything to the cake? maybe the layers or the filling? i really wanted to add oreos somewhere in there but no space haha Layer of cake: French Vanilla (cake) chocolate ganche with strawberries or rasberiess? and...
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    Fashion-top-help-please Hello.. I have a top i recently bought and I have an occasion to go to with my bf. Im trying to figure out what I can match this up with? any color? becuz i need to wear something so i can cover my arms a little cuz i cant really wear...
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    Gaining weight

    Hey!!.. I have been feeling really bad about my body lately.. I surely don't like ti when people tell me to gain weight :( I eat so much and still yet i Don`t gain anything .. Can anyone give me an advice on how to gain weight.. I hate looking so skinny :( Though im 23 i look like a 14 yrs old...
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    Hey!!.. I have been a member since May 2007. I was randomly searching and got here.. In the beginning i read a few posts and everything seemed to sound interesting so i Signed up .. I rarely got time to Log in though.. But after such a long time I am here!!! And Im really new to understand these...
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    Hey I needed an advice for my engagement, should I wear heavy Or light Im really confused
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    hey there !

    Im a new member here - hello everyone Belly dancing is one of my pleasures i Enjoy especially outfits which im here to look forward for Maria
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    hair loss

    Im losing a lot of hair from my head scalp - May i know anything to prevent hair loss
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    I am looking for good songs for a belly dancer