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  • hi, nice to know you on Internet. Could i talk with you on internet? My MSN:sunflower036@hotmail.com. Hope receiving your reply.
    Best regards!
    Hi there... thanks for adding me to your friend list.. :) Honour to meet ya...:) kisses from Slovakia. :)
    Glad you will add some more information and pictures of your costumes in the market place forum.
    You're very welcome, Gomaa. :) I'm looking forward to getting to know you better, and I hope you enjoy yourself and make a permenant online home with us here at Orientaldancer.net. Have a great day! :)
    Maybe add one or 2 new photos of your costumes in the Market place forum. I am sure lots of members would like to see them. You have some really lovely costumes.
    ahlan wa shalan!! shokran for the friend request! The store and the designs look stunning! I have many friends from Egypt, and inshallah when I visit them, I can visit and try some of your lovely costumes! Salaam!
    Is your business in Khan El Khalili? Your face looks familiar. I was in Egypt in January with a small group of friends
    Ahlan wa Sahlan ya basha !!! Wahasthini awi awi !!!
    Its sooooo great to see you here brother also !!!
    I'm sure you will like this forum, very interesting conversations on oriental dance !!
    Many kisses from Greece !!
    Magnuna Ma'alema !!
    Alo from Cairo, Khan-Halili !!!
    Yes !! I make and sell professional bellydance costumes.
    I sell my costumes beside my store at the centre of Khan el Halili, at NileGroup festival and Ahlan Wa Sahlan festival.
    Also send worldwide. You are welcomed to check my site:
    BTW by accident found this forum, as our sites have similar names !!
    Gomaa :)
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