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  • Hey - thanks! I checked the bookshop on my corner but was informed that they don't sell "ethnic" books - whatever that means! I'll check some others though.
    Dunno why, but I like you. Your posts are very informative, and I think U are a very nice person. Just wanna know U better, if U don't mind, I added you as a friend :)
    Dear Gypsy,
    Can you please join the conversation about how long one's hair must be to perform Khaliji. One f the members is looking for video on Etab and I thought you might best be able to help her if such exists.
    Regards, A'isha
    Sabah El Kheir ya 2amar ;)

    The post was before I watched the video, and I was expecting to see a man wearing a g-string or something lol. I didn't know he was only showing his chest.
    Sabah el Kheir!
    The bit in the message was in relation to Mark being shocked at another Arab. Mark wears far less clothes and so do women.
    Do you know what I mean? i will also answer this on the thread
    but wanted to pm you too.
    Caroline x
    Hi Gypsy,
    Tarik made references to your vids/DVd's
    Where do you work from? I am always interested in dancers from the Arab world as I work for an Arab Arts festival.
    My mothers name is Selma and my grandfather Waleed from Damascus, Syria.
    I was born in London and raised in Liverpool UK with a mixed background.
    Caroline x
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