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  • Haven't chatted with you in a while. Not a lot happening here except that I've started running and have been cleared by my PT to ride my bike again which is good. Now I'm working on getting my weight back to 120 pounds from the 147 I managed to climb up to over several years. Down to 140 now. Yippee! I've been running (which I used to loathe but now have begun to actually enjoy doing). One of my physical therapists has joined in the belly dance classes that my daughter takes now. I thought that was cool. My daughter has also gotten a couple more of her friends to join up as well. So, how have you been doing? Whats new up north? I haven't been too chatty on here much mostly cuz I've been working on getting my act together, bicycling a LOT. I want to ride cross the country when my daughter graduates from college. No more responsibilities, just free and easy. A bicycling gypsy lifestyle. :) Ok, take care. Hope all is well with you.
    hi lady! hope you're not around because you're super busy dancing! =)
    please let me know when you've gotten the bindis - i'm starting to worry why they haven't gotten to you as yet.
    hi stacey! any sign of those bindis in the mail yet? let me know - send pictures!
    Cool! Well, it's good to keep busy, for sure! Though, don't burn yourself out! Gotta take a breather once in a while. Yeah, we haven't done much costume stuff lately either but we will have to start soon as Laura has a performance coming up this fall. They are going to be dancing at the local NA casino which should get them some good exposure. I will prolly end up helping her and at least a couple of her friends on their costumes. It'll be fun, I'm sure. Take care. :)
    Hey Stacey,

    Well, it's been a while since we conversed! How's it going? How's the costume work coming along? I'm really happy that Laura has gotten 4 of her friends to take the BD class with her. From what she has said, so is her dance instructor. :) Otherwise not much happening up here in Michigan. I'm still recovering from the surgery I had on my shoulder last May. It's such a long, slow process. Well, hope all is well and take care. :)
    hi stacey! store set up and working again! see your inbox for details - hoping you see this today, as i'd like to launch the site tomorrow but won't until you purchase so that i can change the shipping option! your package is also in the mail! hope you ike them!
    Hi, i saw your post in the market place thread. i have 4 different gold ones - i'm working on those pictures for you, i'm having a problem with my camera because the flash is reflecting on the jewels and blurring the picture. I'm going to try with another camera and i'll post them in the thread for you =)

    Awesome. I checked out the pics in your post and they were very nice. I commented there on them so I won't repeat myself here. :)

    I am anxious to see what you do with the star costume myself. (always looking for ideas to expound upon and put personal touches to . . . :) )

    Thanks for the well wishes for Laura's dance performance in the parade. It's actually July 4th, though. :) I will for sure try to get some pics and maybe even a short vid if my camera decides to cooperate with me that day.

    Ok, so a bit gypsiesh then, kind of cross between cabaret and tribal. I can see that. And I like it. :) Later. Have a great day!
    Oh good luck on your star costume. Yeah, I'm already formulating ideas for a next costume but I'm gonna have to marshall myself to wait for a month. LOL Good luck and have fun with the Canada Day celebration performance! Definately take some pics! Can't wait to see them. Laura dances publically for the first time (BD anyway) on Sunday at our 4th of July parade. I will do my best to get some pics then, as well. Take care and thanks for the nice comments on her costume. So, just curious, would this costume of hers be considered cabaret, fantasyish, traditional, or a blend of the three? Thanks again.

    Yeah, that is sort of what I meant by mix and match. Just didn't get the idea across very well. :) So, we finished the top for Laura's costume tonight right before her class. I'm gonna post the pics in the album on my profile. I figure we're gonna let her just dance in this outfit for about a month and then we can try our hands at another one. See ya.
    Thats really cool. Yeah, I'm going to check out that link. Thanks again. I was thinking of trying to do some sort of a mix and match group of outfits for Laura. That way she would have several outfits to wear without having specific pieces for each one. I don't know how practical an idea it is but hey, one never knows if one doesn't try. :)

    Yeah, it sure can be. And the funny thing here is that my daughter now has a couple of her friends who say they want to come to BD classes so it looks like I might be helping them with outfits as well. :) Not a prob as I consider them almost as daughters sooo. Anyway, yeah, the outfit you are wearing in the photo is very nice. You should be proud of it. I may have to look up that beading thread you mentioned and check it out. I have sewn for years but this more intricate work is all new to me, albeit fun. Everyone have been extremely helpful so far and I am very appreciative for it. TTYL.

    :) My pleasure! And, hey, why not? I want to start experimenting with some different things like beading and the couching technique that a benevolent member here connected me with. I can see Laura getting more and more costumes! And, now her boyfriend's sister is interested in starting belly dance with her so who knows. Maybe I'll be making some more costumes there. She (the BF's sister) likes to sew, too, so maybe we can do some costume bee's and knock heads on different designs to try. I know I had a lot of fun making the one outfit that we did make and I'm looking forward (after all this graduation party stuff is done) to making more of them. I have even been thinking of investing in a better quality sewing machine! :) Thanks for the mssg. Hope to see ya around the boards!

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