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    Practicing without a mirror

    Hello all! Its been a while since I last danced and even longer since I was here. I got a degree and now find myself unemployed so of course bored out of my mind! I want to get back to dancing after I stopped to finish my degree but the house I have just moved into with my partner doesn't have...
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    Stuck, what should I do now?

    Okay so I have got most of the moves. I can do most of them well but I am struggling to put them together! I know it must sound odd but because I learnt from DvDs where the moves are taught in isolation when faced with a piece of music I just can't string them together very...
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    What should I do to increase my BD skill?

    Hi everyone! I am trying to come up with a daily regime to further my dancing and am wondering what I can do to help me get better at BD. The problem is is that I am not beginner level anymore but I am in that transition where I go from learning moves and repeating them to learn them to putting...
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    Egyptian dancers teaching Egyptian style? (DvD)

    Is there any such thing? After Kashmir's recommendation of watching a native Egyptian dance to see how they dance the dance of their own country I started wondering if there was an Egyptian teacher who has done a DvD. There are some great DvDs out there on Egyptian style but I can't seem to find...
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    Modern Egyptian favorites?

    Hi everyone =] Recently I have been practicing like mad to Egyptian music and I am finding I am doing the same moves over and over; comfort moves I suppose and lack the inspiration to try new moves and combinations. I am sti ll learning and repitition is good but not if its the same combinations...
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    Your view on treatments..

    This is related to weight loss. However I think it is an entire subject on its own. Would you use treatment to lose weight if you could? I am not talking surgical, but wraps and therapies. Universal Contour Wrap - Universal Contour Wrap OR Eporex Mesotherapy - Eporex Mesotherapy Treatment...
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    Khaleeji dress-UK!

    Hello everyone =] Been lookign though the site for where to get a Khaleeji thobe. Can't fine it on Ebay, Amazon or anywhere! So where can I get one for under 40 pounds (including shipping), I can get one for £67 but its from the US so will take a while. I need it this month! Thankyou! Imeera
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    Arabic makeup for blonds!

    Hello everyone! I have blond hair, blue eyes and fair skin. I have been told that heavy black eyeliner/mascara will make me look slutty or cheap ect Normally I wear brown to keep it natural, but I have a fate coming up. The Royal Norfolk Show, I am helping out with an animal trust and we have...
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    Arabic music shop.

    Hi everyone! I hope this goes here =] I am trying to find some new music, but all I can find are Lebanese singers like Nancy Ajman. Though good, I would like a bigger selection from around the Middle East! I found a few singers, but I can't find them on any of the sites I usually shop from, like...
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    Hello everyone! I recently discovered Oudh. I know its an oil from a plant, agarwood. But, what do people know about it? I know its used as a perfume and very rare but what is its history? Can we get an oil of it and mix it with essential oils to get a oil perfume?? Also can we get it the UK? I...
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    So, whats going on?

    Hi everyone! Don't know if a thread like this has been started. But I am just interested, where is everyone in their lives? Whats new? Whats going on? Tell us! I think it will be interesting, including dance or just what you did today at work! Anything :D I am in Univeristy at the moment, doing...
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    Food and exercise.

    I know that its really important what you eat before vigorous exercise. But if I am doing daily exercise but not really going on a diet. I eat heathly naturally, I hardly have any sweets or chocolate. If I am naughty I have take away Chinese (normally rice and vedg and a chicken dish) or a pizza...
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    What are your favorite songs to dance to?

    What are your favourite songs to dance to? Hiiii! I was just listening to Yearning by Raul Ferrando and thought "This is a song I can't wait to choreograph to". The music speaks to me and fillms my head with images of two lovers seperated and well, yearning for eachother :lol:, I would never...
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    So, what do you think?

    I came across this dancer while looking at clips; YouTube - Shik Shak Shok In her description she says she knows she did it too fast, which is true, and she is nervous which did make a slight difference, but overall she is very good and with lovely style and technique, love her trousers too...
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    Belly Dancing Holidays in Egypt.

    Hello everyone! I have been mulling over the thought of going to Egypt for a Belly Dance holiday for both training and fun. Probably not any time soon, I think I will wait until Egypt is a bit more settled until I go. But I would be looking for specifically Folkloric and/or Egyptian style and...