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    HAKIM - Mawaal

    Please translate this Mawaal part by Hakim (00:20-2:40). I guess it's an old traditional song but I can't recognize it. Thank you
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    Name of the baladi song

    Can you please tell me the name of this song. I love it so much :) Thank you :*
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    The strangest thing that happened to you at the performance

    So, what is the strangest thing that happened to you at the performance? I'll tell you what happened to me this summer :) I had a performance on a hotel terrance and while I was dancing I heard everybody laughing. I thought that my bra fell off or something, and than I saw a little kitty in...
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    Name of song please :) Thank you girls :)
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    Hi, I need your honest opinion about my tarab performance. This song is very very sad (based on true story- man cheats on his wife in saudi arabia and when he decided to leave his mistress and get back to his wife, his wife got very sick. When he asked her if she would get back to him, she said...
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    Randa in Miami

    Hi, does anyone know which song is this? Thank you very much :*** 5YK9SgavIAw Randa Kamel Egyptian Bellydance Miami 2009 Classical Oriental Techniques Workshop DVD Rip DVD 1 enhanced WMV V9 - YouTube
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    is this saiidi?

    is this saiidi? help, please :) ‪Egyptian Dance. Igor Moiseev's Ballet‬‏ - YouTube
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    Which style is this?

    Hi! Can you please help me. Which style is Tamiil by Mario Kirlis? Is it saiidi, raqs sharki... I need quick help. WGg51FNL_6A Thank you