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  • Did you ever connect with someone in Moab?

    I was so amused when I read your post. I was in Las Vegas at the time wishing I had gone to Arches National Park instead. ;)
    Hi Jane

    I hope you are well. I understand you are a fan of Julie Mendez. My Dad is currently writing a book about Entertainment in London in the 1950's and 1960's he really would love to interview Julie. Do you have her contact details or are you able to contact either myself or my Dad, his name is Mike Hutton oxwriter@aol.com or you can reach me chloe.malik@hotmarketing.co.uk Tel 0116 2704800 I would really appreciate your help. Thanks Cx
    Thank you so much, Jane! :D I've already got a pretty bellydance shiny for my birthday on the way---a new cabaret sword! I can't wait! ^^

    Thank you most of all for being such a sweet friend. :) I'm very blessed to know you, and am thankful to have met you and so many wonderful people here. God bless, and have a great weekend, too! ^^
    You're welcome, Jane, and same here. :) I try to encourage my male friends to take up bellydancing, but so far, no one has stepped out of his comfort zone (yet; I'm still keeping my hopes up!).
    Thanks for the rep... I kind of gathered that it was time to put my opinion forward on 'older' dancers
    Yep as long as my legs can hold me up I will be dancing and maybe sometimes I will even wear a little glittery blue eye shadow - it does look good with blue eyes Oh and I do love dresses, for me in my 'wisdom' years they are classy & elegant;) By the way love your profile pic, truly beautiful!
    Gave you well deserved rep for post in the appearance thread. I am staying out of that thread even though I have been tempted to comment;) Some of the more opinionated posters are just young kids they'll change their ideas as they hit their 30s onto 40s and more:D Don't we all as we reach those milestones.
    I wish I could come to Butte for RR, but we're riding the bikes to Texas the end of April and I can't afford the extra trip to Butte. :( However, Salome and I are talking about getting her to Casper, maybe this spring or early summer. If you can get to Casper and don't mind less than five star accommodations, I can probably find you a place to stay either with me or one of my students.
    Thank you so much for your message! I'm ok and the people I know here are also fine. Hopefully things will get better soon.
    I've seen some of the Reconstructing History patterns previously, but somehow I forgot to search for them. The other link I haven't seen before. It seems to be useful. Thank you very much and have a nice day! :)
    By the way, do you have any good pointers on the www for making a mid 1500s Ottoman clothing? :)
    Hi Jane!
    I loved reading your the rough draft for your SCA belly dance article. Have you finished the article and posted it somewhere?
    Hi Jane,
    I just read your post the dvd "Totally Turkish with Ruby I'm tempted to buy the dvd but would like to get a viewpoint first, when you get the chance let me know if it was good or not
    Cheers and Success to belly dancing........

    Thanks Maysoon
    Thanks for your comment! As much as I love so many dancers, I don't want to be clone, just considered as good as them (someday!).
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