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  • Thanks for the friends request :-) Can I post some of your LOLcats pictures on my belly dance blog (http://bellydanceramulya.blogspot.com)? Of course with mentioning of you!
    I had a good giggle at your Monty-Python comment in the "Morris dance" thread. :) Was thinking the same thing myself!
    (was even going to rep you! But I need to "spread it around" first.)
    Hello, Jane. I took a look at my profile page today. Not sure why I did; it was just on a whim. I only go there to do something like change my profile pic, and I don't do that often. Anyway, when I scrolled down to the bottom, I noticed those who have given me rep recently. I didn't even know we could see that, so now I'm messaging everyone who has added to my rep, and I'm apologizing. :( I am so sorry I never saw this before. Thank you very much for the rep, Jane, I do appreciate it. :)
    Thank you for the recent rep! I don't often get to the forum these days, so it was nice surprise when I saw it.
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