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  • Bahahahaha. Nobody seems to be able to adequately describe the other one's performance....what was she wearing? it looked odd in the picture...and i guess it was as odd as her performance.
    hey - i checked out the bmobile dance off thingy..didn't see the performances, but the one in purple is a chutney dancer from Malick folk performers. the other one...well i heard she was god awful and i'm not sure where she got her "training"
    I went back to my old atavar. Or is it avatar? I have the hardest time with those consonants and their proper location amidst all thoe a's. The horse in question is my daughter's gelding, Rebel. When I get a picture of my mare, BR Star Baby, I'll change that picture thing again.
    Aww thank you! It was a recent performance and I truly loved dancing it and the photos came out great too! There are more, if I ever get around to updating my website I'll let you know :)
    Hi Lady! nneka's going to do her thing at Long Circular Mall for WBD between 1 and 3 pm.

    Also, at the moment she's looking for sponsorship for chairs and sound system. if you know anyone who might be sensitive to the cause of battered women and willing to assist with sponsorship, drop me a line and i'll pass on the info to her.
    lol - hihi lady! Listen - i have a performance next month and i need 3 dancers - my regular third just had a baby, would you be interested in trying it with nneka and i? it's 6 minutes - 2 songs; one pretty instrumental and a 3.5 minute drum solo. The drum solo is free style and the instrumental will be choreographed but i don't imagine it in a very busy way so no reason to be intimidated. =)

    Let me know asap please!
    Hihi lady! I know i haven't been around - i'm crazy busy these days between work and quite a few performances - 4 in the last two weeks (one more tomorrow to end off quite a run) and i'm also getting my certification as a spin instructor so i'm training pretty hard.

    I'm tired alot so i'm not around much but I haven't gone far! =)
    sent you a message.

    ps find things that keep you inspired and interested. whether it's looking at costumes, collecting videos etc and just keep dancing!
    No problem! I sit outside the boardroom so i'm always closing windows myself :D
    I'll keep you updated!
    Yeah I'm from Couva and attend Nneka's class in Marabella. Tomorrow is the last day of class but I've been talking with Mya and hope to drop by for one of her classes. I am loving this forum, I've been reading every chance I get. i also stumbled on Shira's website which is great to.
    Hey! I went to Soca Chutney so i could see Tarik perform live finally...HE is amazing!
    Dear Kayshier, I just wanted to tell you how much I have enjoyed getting to know you on the forum. You are an absolute delight. Shanazel
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