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  • So I JUST now noticed the Reputation feature on this website:/
    SOrry it's late but thank you very much for the rep/support!
    Much love<3
    Wanted to rep you on this but can't. Awesome!

    "You can take bellydance out the Middle East..but you can't take the Middle East out of bellydance."
    Hi, Fotia, yes it's me. Been off the site for a while as I've been away on holiday and my poochie has been poorly. But kind of back now.
    your doggie is absolutely beautiful. So are you by the way and that pearl costume *faints*
    Big hug to you, and I really hope that you allow yourself time to grieve and heal. My mailbox is always open...
    Yes, large and twice the fluff. He's my Enta Omri. Not sure how that would translate properly, but you know what I mean.
    Awwwwww what a quite profile picture! I remember the pictures from Bhuzz :) he must be big by now!
    Same from me, Kharis--tried to give you rep but couldn't. I totally agree with your recent postings too and have experienced the same judgemental attitude, put-downs, bitterness, and unapproachability. In fact I did PM her pointing out the large areas we agree on and she did not reply to me.
    Was gonna give you good Rep -- but I gotta wait on that, say the Rep gods! Thanks for your posting on you-know-where. I really appreciate it. And there are others who feel as you do on this forum, so just ignore any negativity from those who don't.
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