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    Dancers in Marmaris, Turkey

    One my friend just came back from Marmaris and told that Orgun (who has been mentioned on this forum before) is still dancing at Kervansaray so he has been there for about 10 years which must be some kind of a record - she mentioned there was also one quite nice female dancer named Asli. I...
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    Nejla Ates at Son of Sinbad (1955)

    Here is an interesting dance clip from movie Son of Sinbad featuring Turkish dancer Nejla Ates - this is one of the earliest clips of Turkish style dance I have seen and includes some nice armwork, zills and spectacular backbends ucKDPh0uOjI
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    Turkish bellydance - Nesrin Topkapi

    This lovely clip of Nesrin Topkapi is from New Year 1982 - as those times bellydance in TV was new thing the costuming needed to be modest 6vFGh83m4r0
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    World Belly Dance Day is here!!!

    And I am happy to tell that Finnish dancers really are with the idea: there are happenings in several cities of Finland (at least Helsinki, Turku, Pori and Oulu) and there are e.g. free intriduction classes, dance parade, student shows etc.:clap: But there is still not any web-page for this...
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    Famous Turkish dancers

    As most of the belly dancers/dance fans can easily name at least dozen Egyptian dancers but only a few can name any Turkish dancers I thought it would be nice to know at least some of the most famous dancers. I added a bunch of photos to Gallery - these include many Turkish dance stars from...
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    Egyptian dancer in Finland 1953

    This interesting historical clip was posted at Finnish dance forum and I wonder if anyone here recognizes the dancer? This videoclip features presumably Egyptian dancer named Samia, who according to commentary was favourite dancer of King Faruk - this dancer performed year 1953 at Finnish club...
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    Does anyone have some experience about Japanese-born dancer Kamellia currently living in France? She is coming to give workshops and show here in Singapore in May and even though it is always interesting to try something "unknown" I still prefer some instructors that I have at least heard some...
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    Om Kalsoum- Good, bad and the ugly interpretations

    Inspired by the thread about Maria Shaskova I started to browse YouTube for some good, bad or the ugly interpretations of Om Kalsoum´s songs... It would be interesting to see some different examples and comments what makes them good, bad or simply ugly ;) I start with Enta Omri danced by...
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    Legendary Persian dancer Jamileh

    There are many beautiful dance clips available at YouTube of legendary Persian/Iranian dancer Jamileh. I myself have heard her name before but do not know anything about her but I really enjoy her dancing. I would like to know more about her and also about bellydance in Persia/Iran before...
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    Copying other dancers choreographies from videos

    I remember some heated discussion about some Russian dancers dancing exactly the same choreography than some American dancer did... Now it seems that Turkish superstar Didem is doing the same without any hesitation and for sure without giving any credits to the original dancers or...
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    "Oryantal Star" competition final (from Turkey)

    Second Oryantal Star competition in Turkish TV ended last week and the winner was Gülbahar, Turkish girl from Bulgaria and second was Busra, Turkish girl from Germany. I myself saw couple of shows during my Christmas holidays and according to that and also to clips found from YouTube I preferred...
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    Finnish dance scence

    In case some international dancers are interested in Finnish dance scence I have opened English language discussion area at Finnish dance forum. The idea behind this is mostly to share information about different dance happenings both in Finland and outside (as most Finnish dancers are not...