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    Arm/Elbow Sleeves

    I am looking for arm/elbow sleeves to match an orange costume I recently purchased. I am having a hard time finding a set that will match and I feel naked without anything on my arms. Got any vender suggestions? I tried L. Rose Designs and Dahlal, but neither have a shade of orange that won't...
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    Anybody Recognize This Song?

    I love the song that Ameera dances to in this video: I don't recognize it, and my Shazam won't pick it up either, anybody know what it is?
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    Another Newbie

    Hello Everyone, I am new to the boards here. My name is Kristen, I'm 28 years old & from the Philadelphia area. I've been belly dancing on and off since 2003 and my New Year's resolution is to get more serious about it (buy a costume, perform, learn more about the styles, etc.). Well, so far...