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    Everyday style (s)

    What is everyone's non-bellydance (every day wear) style? And do you incorporate elements of that in your belly dance costumes? Or do you go for a completely different look? My clothing styles are 1. what a lot of Pinterest pages and fashion blogs call "geek chic." (This I know because I...
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    Eyes Lips Face (e.l.f.) cosmetics

    Has anyone else worn this brand? I was looking at it, and from the web page and looking at a couple items in the package it looks like it would be light enough to wear for every day but heavy enough to wear for belly dance on a stage..but that's just a guess until you've tried it. Does anyone...
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    Opinions on multi colored beads and sequins

    I am looking at the store Horus and Isis for my first costume. I am thinking that a metallic that goes with any color skirt would be the gold or silver...then I can change the skirt around and add different accessories as I can afford to put together different costumes. But I...
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    I am Back

    Hello everyone. I am not new...I was on this board a while ago. But I kind of went back and forth with participating and back and forth with wanting to bellydance..and kind of drifted off..then I forgot my login information. But a lot of people here now probably don't know I'll...
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    Dolphina and other things Ive completely changed my mind on..

    Hello. Just musing on Dolphina and some other things I've recently completely changed my mind on. I read Dolphina's biography and page...and I now really like her. I no longer agree with myself on what I said before that was so negative. I like her belly dancing, and I like her workshops and...
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    Celebrity belly dance fans?

    Does anyone know of any famous people who are known to be fans of belly dancing? Not necessarily one who belly dances...but people who admire it and enjoy it. Has anyone ever danced for a governor/senator/movie star/sports star? (sorry if this is in the wrong section...I couldnt decide where...
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    Heard Tale of Belly Dance in my Area....

    I used to be all alone at my morning job, but I got an office mate a few days ago...and my new office mate was telling me about seeing a local talent show that had TWO belly dance acts. One of them...from her description of the costumes..sounded like a Tribal/Fusion troupe. The other was a...
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    I got the idea for this off of the "celebrities who look like bellydancers" thread :) Do you have a celebrity lookalike? Do you think anyone else on here does? My answer: I wish it were Kat Dennings or Shakira...but in reality..I do not think I resemble anyone.
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    Belly Dance Vocabulary

    This is my personal belly dance vocabulary. I am not a teacher or a this is not THE belly dance vocabulary.. I'm posting it to ask if anyone has any suggestions for more to add to it. The ones that are just listed are the isolations I truly know. I can drill them, I can do...
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    Offering unsolicited costume advice

    I'm wondering...has anyone ever gently broke it to someone they didnt know that they have a "thought provoking" belly dance costume? I've mentioned this one dancer before...Ill just call her "undies dancer" since I don't think she's professional. But undies dancer regularly posts videos of...
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    Lake Tahoe Nevada area Belly Dance

    I am looking for any Middle Eastern restaurants or anywhere else in Lake Tahoe Nevada where I can see live Belly dancing. (as opposed to on video screens or watching it online).
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    Would You Accept a Job If..?

    This is a spinoff of both the "I'm hot" bragging seen on some of the youtube and dancer web sites...and some other threads on the perception of belly dance and belly dancers. My question: Would you take a job if the person doing the hiring only seemed to be looking to hire a belly dancer...
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    Belly Dance on What Not to Wear

    Did anybody see the recently aired episode of What Not to Wear featuring the woman who takes belly dance? There was a brief view of her class/troupe...they introduced Stacey and Clinton...who came out with the belly dancers. It was funny...Clinton had no clue what to he started doing...
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    Listened to Middle Eastern Music for the First Time

    I know that may sound like a strange thread title for somebody who was studying belly dance for months before....but I think I really listened and danced to genuine middle eastern music for the first time tonight. Music has always been my biggest frustration. I had a collection of "Belly dance"...
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    Couponning and Costuming

    Since Ive been gone from here...Ive picked up a new hobby: couponning. It all started with some early christmas gift funds to a dept store. I got $1,640 worth of clothes and shoes, all from JC Penney with the exception of a few pairs of shoes from amazon dot com....for $544. Now I'm working on...