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    What to do when people act "fresh" when tipping?

    I dance very regularly. Once or twice a week, and I rarely have an issue with disrespectful patrons. Today, I had to tell a few that bra tipping wasn't allowed. Several people tried (mostly persian audience if that matters), a few women who after directing them at the bra strap still tipped at...
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    Other Students Making Feel So Uncomfortable- Should I Leave the Class?

    I have been taking the same class with the same teacher for about seven years now. I love it but now going there is painful because of the treatment I get from two people that used to be "my best friends." My teacher brought me in to dance at the restaurant she dances in after doing an audition...
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    Competitions and Music Preference- Stay true to your style or go for the trend?

    I am going to participate on my first competition. I am still having second thoughts because they have never been my cup of tea just because I don't think I get to do something I love which is interact with the audience and entertain. The environment is just different and not something that...
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    Would you be offended if your friend made this comment?

    Me and another friend from class were brought in to the restaurant we dance at by our teacher a year ago. We started as fill ins and have been there over a year. We now rotate some days on the weekends. My teacher is the house dancer and has been there for over 15 years. There is dancing...
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    Ideas for Using Props in Small Spaces Needed

    How would you put a good show when stuck in a tight place in between tables? I've been doing improvisation and audience interaction but really wish I could throw in some props.
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    Would you change your look (say wear a wig) to not be recognized?

    If you worked in a conservative field, would you change your look (wear a wig per say) to not be easily recognized by your peers or boss?
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    Is keeping a gig during my lunch hour at my regular job wrong?

    I have a dance gig every Friday at noon. I go there during my lunch hour. Is this wrong? I know it is my lunch hour but I am always paranoid I will find my boss or someone from work there. The restaurant is about 15 mins away from the office.
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    Dealing with Restaurant Owners. Would you continue with this gig if you were me?

    Hi, Sorry in advance for the long story. I just need some feedback from fellow dancers. I got a weekly noon gig every Friday at a Persian restuarant. The house dancer went back to school and left my friend in her place while the owner found a new dancer. I filled in for my friend while she...
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    Costuming for Day Time Restaurant Gig

    I have this gig every Friday at noon. The restaurant promotes belly dancing this day at lunch time. It is indoors but very bright and all glass doors. I feel a little odd with my flashy Emans and Bella costumes but that's what the owner wants and what the previous dancer wore. The place is...