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  • Someday I'll have to ask you all about England. My sister visited there once but I haven't had the pleasure.

    Thanks for everything. :D
    If you don't get any bites for the novel, I'll buy it and put it up as a prize in the games thread! I'm serious, just let me know.
    erk, it was a thread on the video pages, but it looks like its gone - something about tequila and 'hot girls'!!
    Hi lizaj

    I am from lovely Runcorn and go to a weekly class there and also in Lymm with the occasional workshop inbetween

    Where do you teach?
    Yes but when teacher Y is the one I posted about earlier teaching all styles so her students can make an informed choice!!!!
    Hi Lizaj
    I would be happy to do an article, we are just waiting on some photos that a professional photographer friend took of the whole night, heres my email,
    This is Malta's first tribal group, belly dance is still very new here, where up north are you? i grew up in Manchester! You are so lucky to have all those dance companies so close. I am all alone ;( hopefully i will get to raks Sicily next year, that would be my nearest group!
    I just read your post on the Lady wanting to teach in Moody.
    Just wanted to say "Well Done"
    Your input was fantastic and your encouragement will help that Lady in a big way.
    Bravo to you.
    Lotus Dancer.
    are u liz jarrett? If so your my new teacher :p
    I have only just put the two together.
    If not please ignore my message
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