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  • hello dear how are you doing.
    long time ago, we did not chat. what new
    i hope you are doing fine
    keep touch . kisses
    Computers!!!!!!!!!!!! Me???????????????????
    I don't know how to do it. It must be quite simple, I guess, because so many do it (No intent to sound patronizing or anything)
    Hi dear, how are you. Thank you its verry important for me opinion others specially who is on this besyness.the tiger costum made from lycra material. its not havy and beautiful on the stage.whats new in your life?
    Hey gorgeous!

    OMG, Rachel Brice! I adore her! But... :( 29th of November is too soon, huhuhu!

    I am sure you'll have a blast again and I sure do hope you'll share photos and videos! Have fun, Lotus!

    As for me, I will start BD classes here in NZ this January yet as the schools will be on Christmas break.

    Keep in touch, girl, and keep smiling! ;)


    Hope you manage to upload. Can´t wait to see it

    Performed (Dark Fusion) Monday night at a Hafla/Bazar. Good response: several dancers from the audience came running out backstage to talk :)
    hello, i put pic for new belly dance costums that i made, to my album on this side. see it and tell me if you like it
    I am glad things worked out. It seems when it rains, it pours. That must have been a hard time for you and your family. How early was your child? I have a friend who had a baby at 28 weeks. She is in her second pregnancy as we speak and she looks so much better this time. My son is 20 years old...Still living at home and going to school full time. They are all miracles aren't they?
    hello dear sorry for delay, i was little busy with my belly dance dresses. i would like to show you what i did but i dont know how to send you pic.if you have some email address so i may send you there, i dont have right now my web. but i hope it will be soooooooooon. kisses shahraman
    Heya! Nice to meet u too =) I think the WAMED festival is in September every year. I've never been =(
    Thankyou for the positive encouragement. He is doing better and he is almost back to normal as a matter of fact. It was one of the hardest things I have ever been through. I do not need to tell you that, because you have also been through it. I am just happy to have life back to normal. Thanks for the encouragement and happy dancing:)
    unfortunately i have no videos :( the one person who was allowed to film the show didn't do a great job at all.
    Yeah we got diplomas at the end of the show. not that they are any certified qualification but it was just nice to feel we graduated and did something
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