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  • Yeah, that is low. I think he had the hots for her, though, even before the outbreak. If he really cared for Laurie and her son, he'd back off.

    I had one friend put forth the idea that everyone is infected, after he saw the last episode, because the doctor made a vague statement that everyone's tests came out as he expected. What do you think?
    awwwwww, stupid 1000 character limit! :confused:

    I'm glad there's another fan of TWD here on the forum! :D And I've always enjoyed your posts. It's nice to find out we have something in common in addition to bellydance! :D
    Hi, Luna!
    Thought I'd leave you a message here, rather than posting in the B&F forum, because knowing myself and how much I love "The Walking Dead," I wouldn't have been able to shut my big fat keyboard, and would end up spamming the very forum I'm supposed to help moderate! :lol: But yeah, I looooove that show, too, and for all the reasons you mentioned. Not only is it intelligent, it has a lot of heart. It has the horror aspect, but instead of being the main vehicle as far as plotline goes, I think instead it serves as an instrument that brings out whatever qualities a character had in the first place. You know how sometimes a person's faults or strengths may not be noticable in everyday situations, but put them in a life-or-death situation, and their true nature finally shows itself? I think that's what sets "The Walking Dead" apart from other zombie shows.
    Thank you for your nice picture comment :). Yes I'm working on that at the moment, but I moved in the meantime, so I got to first sort all my stuff out before continuing.
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