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    Well if This Just Isn't the Cutest Dance Partner Ever...

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    Thought Provoking Belly Dance Costumes: the good, the bad and the hideous

    Lol, if I image search "bad belly dance costume" most of the results are from this thread. :lol: This is kind of... different. It's nude with baby blue feathers randomly attached.
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    Masquerade Mask?

    Ok, hear me out! I was tossing the idea of video making around in my head, and I would absolutely need to hide my face to feel comfortable with that. I don't like the look of face veils, so I was thinking a masquerade style eye mask would be perfect. It hides the identity with out hiding my...
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    My Friend's Troupe

    My friend is in a troupe, and she gave me their facebook page so I finally got to see them perform. I love it. Their name is Twisted Gearz, and they're theatrical belly dancers. It's less traditional so some of you may not like it, but I really wanted to share...
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    Post a Song You'd Like to See Someone Dance To!

    I think it'd be fun if we shared songs and people could decide whether or not they want to dance to it, and share it. I know not many would be up to it, but it's a fun idea to try. This song makes my heart melt.
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    Smiling During Dance.

    Is it always appropriate to smile when dancing. I know most dances, and most dance critics make sure there's a smile. However what if it's a solemn tune, a sad song, etc should you still smile? I saw a lyrical dance to a very sad song, but she kept smiling through, and I think it's due to...
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    Pole Dance, Belly Dance Mix.

    Ok, I want to share my opinion before sharing the video. Also there's something she said that needs to be acknowledged. The video description states: "I am not a trained belly dancer but the Studioveena Challenge for June was to "Celebrate our diversity," Our site has members from all over the...
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    "Belly Dance is the Art of Seduction."

    Yes, once again I made the mistake of reading youtube comments. Someone had commented on a dancers face not showing enough expression, and someone else called him or er a hater, and said belly dance is the art of seduction. Problem one: When a dancer smiles, and flirts with her eyes, that's...
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    "New Style."

    If by new style you mean flailing around in water a bunch, then sure... ?v=guau3KiiwmE& I'm sure when she was spinning the front row had a great view. I'm talking about the second dance, and outfit naturally.
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    Belly Dance Bollywood Fusion.

    So someone asked about this in a Bollywood group, and I found a video I found quite entertaining, and a great mix of the two dances so I just had to share it here too. OlhkGsnXyjc
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    Limited Time Only. Me!

    First a few disclaimers I didn't include in the video: 1 - I know a lot more moves than that, but usually get going and forget a lot. 2 - I appreciate constructive critique, but not harsh criticism, like I said, amateur. If I did anything even semi-well, the self-esteem boost would mean a lot...
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    Signature Rule Adjustment Please.

    The signature I was to use isn't very long, at all. However it's more than two lines because the signature box you type in is smaller than both forum post boxes, and forum signatures itself. This is my attempted signature: When I dance, I cannot judge, I cannot hate, I cannot separate myself...
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    I Am Disgusted.

    I found this video of a nine year old girl dancing. While I don't love the outfit for her age, the top rated comment on there made me want to vomit. dyRdBjZRbho Visit the youtube page, and you'll see what I mean.
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    Did She REALLY Just Go There?!

    Veils | Shakemyday 7 Veils for the dance of seven veils To be able to do the dance of seven veils you need seven veils! In the instructional DVD Belly Dance DVD by Sarah Skinner the routine uses 3 three yard veils and 4 smaller veils. These veils are all 5mm silk (haboti just like those used...
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    Most Infuriating Youtube Arguments.

    Share your belly dance related youtube arguments that made you face palm. Most recently I'm dealing with Mr. "Egyptians are the only good dancers, and westerners are too stupid to appreciate the dance. He also used Sadie as the poster child for western dance." Its like, ok, go fornicate...