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  • Maria, please be safe - I worry about you so much when i see images of Greece on the news right now. I know sometimes the media makes things look much worse than they are but I want you to be careful anyway!! *hugs and kisses from trinidad*
    Maria, you know everytime i read posts about what your students are learning, you make me want to pack myself in a box and FexEx myself to your studio. *hugs*
    You are priceless.
    Aaah, I was watching it- very interesting. I am very interested in traditional and historic dances, we did a little bit of moroccan when we bought Tarik to Trinidad this year!
    Hi Maria! Countdown to Nile group!! Yippee!! I just wanted to double check with you that it is ok to pay in Egyptian pounds for the hotel/workshops. I am a bit confused because they have asked for Us dollars and the exchange rate is so bad at the mo! Cant wait to meet you! Clair x
    hey Maria! where've you been? i remember you were a bit upset by a thread a while back - i hope you're not going to let it discourage you from sharing your knowledge and your great personality with the rest of us. i miss you!
    Hello Maria I am interested in your work- I myself have been working on fusions between Bellydance and Flamenco. At my dance studio we also conduct Kathak as we also have an East Indian Contemporary instructor. I have trained with one of Venezuela's premier dancers in Flamenco and would be interested in the type of work and fusions that you do.
    Maria! Saturday last i had an intro to beledi workshop for my beginners class and i showed them your kitchen beledi video - they LOVED it. They really enjoyed your expression AND you even got one of them who usually only likes Ansuya/Didem body types for dance to change her point of view. Thank you for dancing and thank you for sharing!
    Hello Maria_Aya
    Thank You for your warm welcome.
    Yes it is wonderful how Global we are becoming.
    We can learn so much of one another.
    Smiles to you from the Land Down Under.
    Lotus Dancer
    Hello there Maria
    Thanks again , was so kind of you , but I want to know the reason ,
    all the best , and have nice weekend
    Well , I hv un Customer she is itersted in Belly dance , she live`s in Weisbaden -Germany
    want`s to know how much the belly dancer Curse ? and othere questions ?
    now ,want to know the defrant between bellydance and oriental dance ?
    thanks , i
    Hello Maria_Aya,
    I haven't heard back from Stella Z abt the upcoming workshop in Iraklio. I think it was planned for the beginning of June. Do you maybe know smth abt it? Sorry to bother you. Kisses from Rethymno
    Maria, min stenahoriese… (diavasa to post sou “just thoughts and feelings”).

    Kouragio me tis panelinies, kali tyhi stin filiotsa !

    Vre paidi mou, ola theleis na ta prolaveis esy. Mas efere i Evh to video tis parastashs (Athens-Cairo), poly moy arese, kai fenete na to katadiaskedasate!

    Polla filia koukla mou!
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