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  • *looks over at your friends* Ohh, haaaaaaaay, how is it I haven't already friend requested you?? :confused: *corrects oversight*
    Sorry, ran out of room in my inbox again! ^^;; We're all right, thank you, but my daughter, Christa, lost her car in the storm, and her best friend lost her house. If it hadn't been for her best friend, I would have lost Christa, too. She'd been sleeping alone in Dina's house while Dina was visiting her parents when they heard about the tornado alerts. Dina jumped in her car, went to her house, woke Christa up, and took her to her parents. Not long after they left, the tornado picked up Dina's house off the foundation and flattened it several yards away. It also picked up Christa's car and moved it several yards, and sent a tree limb smashing into the windshield.

    I don't blame you for being scared of tornadoes, I'm not very fond of them, either. :( But I thank God that Dina got my girl out in time. Cars and homes are replaceable, but children aren't.
    Hiya! I was wondering how much it would cost to custom make some garter pants for my troupe (three girls). If you could email me that would be awesome. We all love the stuff in your store and would love to use you if possible!
    I fell in love with your white lace pants the first time i saw them.
    Could you email or send me some info about it?
    I'm a 8-10 and i live in belgium :)
    Hi Honey, im an owner of a disco and night club in baku and looking for a group of singers and dancers preferly rasian and Ukrainian. if u r interested please send me an email to
    oh, i wish i could rep when i want to, not just when the site says i can! Thank you so much for all of your ATS info. I really appreciate it, and look forward to your posts.
    Hi! That group choreography in the video you posted in the Beginner Class Recital Ideas thread...that is fantastic! I wish that I (or at least my teacher) were that creative. Well done!
    hey - i just wanted to say, i love the things in your store! I've never bought anything but they're so very tempting =)
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