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  • Hi Marya,
    Sorry it has taken me so long to check in with this site, but the music I dance to in that video of me is an edit of Ahlaan from Samasem's cd. Thanks!
    you are welcome.

    Since I have been gone I have not been able to really look at your performance video.

    If you like I can take a close look and offer suggestions if you want me to.

    In all the pre/post performance hustle I forgot to thank you for the book! I haven't had a chance to more than glance at it, but I'm thinking I"m going to like it.

    My performance went pretty well, although the hip wrap I chose which did not evidence any tendency to misbehave in dress rehearsal, twisted completely around and look very dorky, fortunately, I was unaware of this until after wards.

    That's not good. I really wanted them to have a successful weekend.

    Thanks for letting me know, and let THEM know I'll be there next year, I promise!

    How'd your performance go?

    On Sunday breakfast and barter fair starts at 10 am.

    After talking to Marlene, attendance is way down, so I am not sure it would be cost effective for you to come to try to sell veils.
    I know, I wanted to see you too. Still have the fingers crossed that I'll be able to go though. Doors open at 10, right?
    Hi there Marya.

    There are a couple of workshops coming up. The biggest one I know of is the first part of April-- Also--if you take a look at Mearah's web site there's a link for "Events & News" then at the top right corner you can click on the text to get a calendar. The calendar has information about most of what's going on in Boise.

    Hope that helps!
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