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  • Yes it is! Full skirts and fusion are the love of my dance life!
    Gorgeous photo by the way:)
    Where in Canada are you from?
    aw thanks mya! it was taken backstage by a great london bellydance photographer.
    Hi there ...mabrouk!! you got engaged i am happy for you...its also like this if you would come here i geuss the salaris is 2000 us dollars a the airfare and the is not a big salaris but this is just the basic salaris and if you dubble shows it will be more i dont know if that is good for you ... have a great day Lydia
    you are welcome dear....veil i can teach you easy and a routine to take home !! it will be nice to see you...have a great day Lydia
    Dear Maylynn,
    I have just responded to your request and added you to my Friends list and hope you will add me to yours. I am going to request it if I can figure out how!!
    Hello Maylynn,
    I saw your website BRAVO!!!
    Well done.
    I would love to do one for myself, but have no idea of what to do.
    Well done. A beautiful dancer and clever. A dynamic combination.
    Smiles to you from Down Under
    Lotus Dancer
    Oh my gosh, sister, super galing mo na pala talaga! Whew! I saw the pictures in the site and wished you could teach some belly dancing here if ever you decide to have a vacation in the Philippines. BD is gaining popularity here.

    When did you visit last?

    By the way, I adore your red costume!

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