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    should i invite my dad to come see me dance, hmmm?

    i've recently started getting invited to here and there to perform at hafla's and showcase's sort of thing, my mother in her day was a folk dancer back in her home country, she had the oppurtunity to go round her country and countries to peform professionally but her father wouldn't allow it and...
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    2nd PerformanceModern Egyptian Oriental by Michael to Warda's Nar El Gheere

    Sarah Malik's Oriental Dance Eid Party 12/09/2010 YouTube - Oriental Dance by Michael to Nar El Gheere This my 2nd performance at Sarah Malik's Oriental Dance Eid Party, I was very nervous as the performing area was an odd shape and audience rather close up and personal. Although I made the...
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    Debut performance @ Fleur Estelle's Summer Showcase

    I'd like to share with you guys my debut performance @ Fleur Estelle's Belly Dance Cabaret end of term Showcase, i'm a student of Shafeek Ibrahim learning Modern Egyptian Oriental, and got into the Spirit of Belly Dance with Ranya Renee's Baladi DVD set. I love this song sooo much: YouTube -...
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    hello everybody

    my name is michael, i'm based london UK, my love affair with bellydance and arabic music started in August last year, since then i've moved on from instructional DVD's and onto classes and tuition, becoming more involved with london bellydance community @ bellydance showcases, clubnights, and...